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From the author of the bestseller Eat and Run, a thrilling new memoir about his grueling, exhilarating, and immensely inspiring 46-day run to break the speed record for the Appalachian Trail.

Scott Jurek is one of the world's best known and most beloved ultrarunners. Renowned for his remarkable endurance and speed, accomplished on a vegan diet, he's finished first in nearly all of ultrarunning's elite events over the course of his career. But after two decades of racing, training, speaking, and touring, Jurek felt an urgent need to discover something new about himself. He embarked on a wholly unique challenge, one that would force him to grow as a person and as an athlete: breaking the speed record for the Appalachian Trail. North is the story of the 2,189-mile journey that nearly shattered him.

When he set out in the spring of 2015, Jurek anticipated punishing terrain, forbidding weather, and inevitable injuries. He would have to run nearly 50 miles a day, every day, for almost seven weeks. He knew he would be pushing himself to the limit, that comfort and rest would be in short supply -- but he couldn't have imagined the physical and emotional toll the trip would exact, nor the rewards it would offer.

With his wife, Jenny, friends, and the kindness of strangers supporting him, Jurek ran, hiked, and stumbled his way north, one white blaze at a time. A stunning narrative of perseverance and personal transformation, North is a portrait of a man stripped bare on the most demanding and transcendent effort of his life. It will inspire runners and non-runners alike to keep striving for their personal best.

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April 10
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Customer Reviews

ZacHuxley ,

Great read for hikers, runners, or lovers of long trails!

I downloaded the electronic copy of North and read it each night during the first few weeks of my Appalachian Trial thru hike. Every night I wouldn’t want to stop reading but I knew to save chapters for the nights that lie ahead!

North gives you a true glimpse of what it takes to attempt a fastest known time, not only from the perspective of Scott as an athlete but also from his wife Jenny who supported him throughout the 2,200 mile 46 day trip.

The book will leave you feeling inspired and help us understand why any couple or team would take on such a challenge and the difficulties that are faced along the way.

sagebrush 2 ,


I read every book I can find about those who traverse at AT. The detail and personal insights by both authors enriched my life. Both are excellent writers and their journey has inspired me to seek the road less traveled. Thanks

Rarely works ,

Fantastic read!

I really enjoyed this read and found the story (told from both Jenny and Scott’s perspectives) to be fascinating. The story extends beyond the details of the race and has a good mix of backstory, humor and history. A must read for runners and would recommend to anyone who enjoys fitness, the outdoors or just a great read!

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