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With his family caught in the crosshairs of a group of brutal killers, detective Cork O’Connor must solve the murder of a young girl in the latest installment of William Kent Krueger’s unforgettable New York Times bestselling series.

During a houseboat vacation on the remote Lake of the Woods, a violent gale sweeps through unexpectedly, stranding Cork and his daughter, Jenny, on a devastated island where the wind has ushered in a force far darker and more deadly than any storm.

Amid the wreckage, Cork and Jenny discover an old trapper’s cabin where they find the body of a teenage girl. She wasn’t killed by the storm, however; she’d been bound and tortured before she died. Whimpering sounds coming from outside the cabin lead them to a tangle of branches toppled by the vicious winds. Underneath the debris, they find a baby boy, hungry and dehydrated, but still very much alive. Powerful forces intent on securing the child pursue them to the isolated Northwest Angle, where it’s impossible to tell who among the residents is in league with the devil. Cork understands that to save his family he must solve the puzzle of this mysterious child whom death follows like a shadow.

“Part adventure, part mystery, and all knockout thriller” (Booklist ), Northwest Angle is a dynamic addition to William Kent Krueger’s critically acclaimed, award-winning series.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 30
Atria Books

Customer Reviews

sgaona21 ,

Wont Be Disapointed

Suspense is kept alive til the last page. Great read

Tim From Aitkin ,

Second strike out in a row

I've been reading this series and enjoying it very much until the last two installments. Either the characters have run their course or
Kreuger no longer cares what he puts in front of us. Either way it's sad. This latest adventure takes us to the Lake of the Woods. The story starts out interesting enough with a big storm to shake things up but soon after this the story becomes too unbelievable and you start to almost pull for the crooks. The lead recurring characters are now starting to seem selfish as they kill off or mame people who aren't blood and do so almost without regard.

The story becomes difficult to follow toward the end. I checked a few times to see if somehow maybe my eBook was missing pages. One of the main villains seemed to walk out the cabin door, never to be mentioned again (Gabriel). Only after going back and forth did I see (I think) that he was killed and the author went back in time (again, I think) to do so. A major firefight takes place in the NW Angle while all the main characters have gone back to their hometown. Sadly enough after you've invested a few hundred pages getting to know the characters involved, the author decides to give us a two line summary instead of taking the time to bring us through it. Came off as lazy really. Also, the Henry Meloux character was hard to believe in the first place but now he apparently is near God like and seemingly can almost read minds? The author doesn't mind asking us to believe this while at the same time taking some pot shots at more mainstream religion.

As I said, maybe the characters have run their course and that's why I'm sick of them. Or, maybe the author is tired of working to keep the reader interested and now thinks he can grace us by just spilling ink on the paper. Either way, I don't think I'll spend $12.00 to see if he strikes out three times in a row. It was a good run while it lasted!

MStutts ,

Wonderful Book!

This is a fast paced story that is well written and was a joy to read. The characters are vivid as well as the scenery and setting of the story. It was a fast read and I enjoyed it.

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