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A no-strings fling is what she wants...but is that what she needs?

At 22, Gail's losing her mom to cancer...with only a week to live. Every second of every minute, Gail hopes the doctors are wrong. Then she loses the bracelet her mother gave her. On the edge, she jumps into the pool to find it. Something grabs her waist and flips her over in the water. It's Scott, the neighbors' gardener, trying to save her.

The sight of Scott's wet t-shirt plastered against the rippling muscles of his shoulders and chest gets Gail fantasizing about this Adonis. It's easier to get lost in a fantasy of raw passion than hope for anything at all.

With more regrets than he can ever hope to live with...Scott's trying to get his life together. The last thing he needs is a crazy rich girl who keeps throwing herself at him. But he knows something's wrong from the sad, lost look in her beautiful eyes.

Is this relationship finished before it ever truly begins? Or in their darkest moment... can Gail and Scott give each other hope?

Intended for mature audiences.

December 19
Lena Bourne
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PattiA810 ,

Needing the Love

I have enjoyed many of Lena Bourne's books. They have edge and heart with complex characters that you can accept and appreciate. This story unfortunately doesn't hold the same appeal. I have not watched and waited for a parent die so, I can't say Gail's behavior is unwarranted but, it does not make me like her. I find her too indecisive and somewhat cruel towards Scott. Just because you're hurting doesn't give you a pass on being respectful. The back and forth between Gail and Scott is exhausting and I found it to be too much. There are also scenes that seem confusing and just pop up. The story doesn't really flow easily for me. Maybe I'm too old or don't have the experience in order to appreciate this story to its fullest.

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