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Graciela Harper would like nothing better than to nurse her broken heart and hide from the world, but some problems get bigger the longer they’re left to sit. She’s about to stand trial for her father’s murder, and whoever killed him did a thorough job of setting her up. And, to make matters worse, a sinister new ghost has taken to following her around.

 If Gracie wants to avoid being wrongfully convicted, she’ll have to solve her father’s murder herself. The few clues she’s found indicate a connection between his death and his ability to see ghosts, a talent that has manifested in generations of Fourniers. With the help of her half-brother, Gracie follows the thorny branches of her father’s family tree, seeking answers. But the more they learn about the Fourniers, past and present, the more it starts to seem as if their father’s violent death wasn’t an aberration. 

Gracie has found her way out of plenty of fixes, but she fears this one might finally take away her freedom—or her life.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 10
Author Published
Trisha L Ziegenhorn

Customer Reviews

goofysandra ,

Love Gracie!!

Another great book in the series. I'm loving the turn that Gracie's life is taking. Some things are resolved, but as usual there are many more questions. So looking forward to the next book in the series. I could read about Gracie for years.

Jamieelizabeth77 ,

The Clock is Ticking...and Her Life is On the Line

The Clock is Ticking...and Her Life Is On the Line

The Lowcountry mystery series is, without a doubt, my favorite mystery series. Lyla Payne never ceases to pull me into each book with a tether that doesn’t release me for weeks after I’ve turned the last page.

Gracie’s looming trial spreads palpable tension and a feeling of dread as the clock ticks closer to conviction she’s sure to face. No matter the success the planted evidence seems to be, the danger is far from over, and Gracie is forced to face it repeatedly. Her life is on the line literally and figuratively.

While learning to adjust to life with an infant in the house, Gracie is also faced with the relationship between Brick and Amelia. Seeing them slide into something more than friendship is a poignant reminder that Beau is gone. She’s hurting, and watching the two of them makes her lonely...and pushes her into rash decisions she’ll come to regret...or will she?

Another Gracie book finished, and I love Graciela Harper more now than ever. Reading her struggles and her triumphs has me tearing up when she falls and celebrating when she succeeds. If you haven’t read this series, back up and start with Not Quite Dead. Then fly through the remainder of the books until you catch up with me here at Not Quite Free. Because I can’t WAIT for you to fall in love with Gracie and Heron Creek.

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