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Georgie broke up with Xan Valentine, the lead singer for the rock band Killer Valentine, the guy that Rolling Stone calls “sex incarnate.” The magazine isn’t wrong, but they don’t know the half of it. He’s the alpha-est male who ever walked onto a stage or into a bedroom and might be crazy, and Georgie is definitely in love with him. Plus, he hired her ex-boyfriend, her first “real” boyfriend, to play in the band, and now she’s stuck between them.

So she tried to leave. That’s what any sane girl would do.

And just as she feared, the Russian mafia kidnapped her.

She prays that Xan won’t try to rescue her because they said they’ll kill him. But she knows he will, even if it costs him everything.

The nail-biting conclusion to the Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Xan series, Nothing Else Matters explores the depths of the heart and the healing power of love.

INCLUDES: Two bonus Georgie and Xan epilogues, “Dream On” and “Keep Dreaming,” plus Notes from Blair Babylon about the writing and influences of the Georgie/Xan series.

October 27
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

Blondi62 ,

Nothing else matters

I've read the whole series. I hope you write more about Georgie and Alexander, they are an enjoyable couple to read about. I enjoyed reading it very much, couldn't put the book down! Will look forward to reading more of you books.

cheriinnis ,

Rock Stars!

This is an adage of your seat rock star series with a big twist. Loved reading these, couldn't put them down.

shadowplay4u ,

perfect conclusion to this masterful series

Nothing Else Matters is a beautifully outstanding conclusion to this masterfully written series that follows the tumultuous journey of Xan and Georgie. There is nothing easy or calm about any step throughout this astounding series. Their pain will become your own and their heartache will threaten to overtake all of your senses. When you emerge at the end, you will not be the same, but you will be so much better for it. This is truly an inspiring and magnificent work of art!

Georgie finds her worst fears finally coming true. She is staring at her worst nightmare in its cold, dark eyes, and she finds herself somewhat calm knowing that she has tried to do all she can to right a terrible wrong. Her last wish at keeping Xan safe has been gratefully fulfilled, and she can’t ask for anything else. Her dreams and wishes never mattered, and she won’t let them interfere now. All she ask is that no one will walk into the crosshairs to try and save her. She isn’t worth saving, and she can’t live with the blood of another on her hands. Will the end come on the wings of swift justice or will it tarry long enough to cause one more last complication?

Watching Xan and Georgie slowly but surely discover the courage, the power, and the motivation to reclaim their life is beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. These astounding characters will shred your heart and encourage your soul as you watch their individual struggles and their inspiring journey to pull the other from their own quicksand while trying to survive in a world filled with sharp pain, unforgiving suffering, and harsh judgment. Nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy or pain-free. When survival and happiness are on the line, only a miracle and perhaps an angel can pull you back from the edge of darkness and begin to mend a fractured soul.

Blair Babylon has proven that without a doubt she has the literary mastery and the incredible heart to write a story that will touch even the darkest recesses of the soul while shattering any literary boundaries that exist in your mind. After reading this marvelous story, I am confident that there is absolutely nothing that she can’t accomplish on paper. Her genius is a breathtakingly extraordinary gift to experience, and I hope that no one misses out on it! This is a journey that should be read and cherished by all who understand the power and the importance of the written word.

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