Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told: Corporate Storytelling for Career Success and Value-Driven Marketing

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The corporate speaker's best friend for adding value, passion, and connection to any talk you give.

No one likes to be sold to, but everyone loves a great story. That's why average brands pitch, but smart brands communicate. Get ready to rise above the average.
Corporate storytelling combines informative content with personal investment, turning your typical lecture into a meaningful conversation. Whatever work you do or topic you're asked to deliver, learning to connect with your audience as trusted partners rather than captive commodities instantly elevates your message's success.
Veteran Fortune 500 spokesman and executive speaker coach Steve Multer shares the marketing strategies and secrets to delivering value-driven content that reaches the heart as well as the head. With fun, practical, easily applied tips, this energetic and insightful guide will level up your public speaking skills, build your confidence onstage or on-camera, and position you as a more valuable representative for your company.
Steve helps you to
Speak from your audience's perspective for maximum attention, retention, and follow-up response.Leverage crucial rules of business in the dynamic speaker-audience relationship.Reduce fear of public speaking through clarity, structure, and undeniable value.Add personal passion to your talk that inspires equal passion in your listeners.Craft a winning sales plan to open strong, close stronger, and never say goodbye until you've set up the next hello.Build brand-identity skills into a better story for any audience, any size, any topic.
Ensure your talk lasts long after you've left the spotlight. Get Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told and discover the power of corporate storytelling.

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January 11
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