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When Amanda found out her mother had sent in an application to ABC’s The Bachelor on her behalf, she wasn’t upset . . . but she was hesitant.

As a divorced single mom on a long dating hiatus, she didn’t think there was any way she could measure up against the competitors. In the back of her mind, her ex’s hurtful message reared its ugly head: “You can’t divorce me. You’ll be 25 and divorced with two kids. No one will want you.” The thought of starting over and putting herself out there was frightening.

But despite the self-doubt, Amanda made it onto Season 20. What nobody knew at the time was that her on-camera date with Ben was her first in almost three years. Talk about pressure!

Ever since she made it to the final four on The Bachelor and ended up engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, media outlets and millions of fans, eager to learn Amanda’s story, have tried to track her down. What’s he really like? What’s the scoop on her? Was she telling the truth about him?

Part-memoir, part girl’s guide, Now Accepting Roses is full of never-before-told stories from behind the scenes of one of America’s most popular television shows—but this book isn’t just for fans of The Bachelor. This book is for anyone navigating the crazy and exciting world of finding real love. Amanda also reveals the valuable lessons for life and relationships that she learned after the world watched her look for love on television—three times. Everything she now knows about dating, she learned from being on The Bachelor. Amanda’s unique experiences have left her with some hard-earned wisdom to share, including her own “rules” for dating and how to truly find yourself, as she has. Thanks to juggling dating, parenting, and life, she better understands the way dating works and shares how you can find love while prioritizing your own needs.

Amanda’s friendly, heartfelt guidance will feel like a good friend offering her most personal advice on life, love, and self-care—and her wild stories will rival the juiciest gossip you’ve ever heard.

If you’re looking for a love like you’ve seen on the silver-screen, that doesn’t exist. The good news is that the real thing is so much better. Amanda is more confident than ever in her search for love, and she hopes that sharing her stories and insights will help you find it, too.

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September 3
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Customer Reviews

sarahb1219 ,

Fun but missed the mark

I enjoyed learning more about Amanda’s experience as a single mother, bachelor alum, influencer, etc. I appreciated the vulnerability that she portrayed and the stories she was willing to share. I do think she missed the mark though in her attempt to sound relatable to her readers and to give advise to her readers. I think I would have appreciated the book more if she would have acknowledged how her “advise” is shaped by the privilege that she has. I, and I’m assuming many of her readers, would have appreciated if she would have acknowledged that she was speaking from a place of privilege, and maybe give some alternate advice to those who might not experience the same privilege. Giving advice that we as women should travel more, see the world more, prepare for vacations by getting a facial, pedicure/manicure, full wax, etc. is all great except most people can’t afford that. I am a lawyer and well off but still felt as though the advice she was giving was advice that only people with a high amount of wealth (which good for her for having money, no judgment at all from me) could follow. I would have appreciated a stronger sense of relation to her readers and followers. My opinion is that she missed the mark when it came to relating to her readers and giving advice that everyday women could actually follow and use.

cadi cakes dad ,


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