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Every word in the six-day Genesis creation account describes the origins of the universe and life on Earth. Yet the scientific discoveries and observations that contribute to our understanding of when and how the universe came to be often seem to contradict Genesis. Can they both be right?
This book examines questions about the universe and life by trying to clarify what science knows and what Genesis actually says. The Bible is the blueprint of creation, so scientific facts cannot contradict the Bible. But as this book explores, scientific theories may or may not be in agreement with the Bible.
The questions have been posed primarily by teenagers and young adults.
Some of the questions this book answers are:
How can there have been the Big Bang if God created the universe?
If God has so much power and the universe is so big, why would He create only one world that has people? Why not create multiple worlds with people?
If God created the universe, why don’t we see proof of it?
How can Earth be the only place that has life, when there are trillions of other galaxies and planets?
Why doesn’t the Bible mention dinosaurs?
Does the human soul really exist? Can science detect it?
Why does the Bible only speak about people around the Middle East, if the world was so large and populated from the beginning?
Why doesn’t God talk to people anymore?
If Adam and Eve were the first two people in the world, and they had children, and their children produced children, wouldn’t some of the children have health problems? And are we all related?
How can people in Genesis have lived for hundreds of years?
Why were there cavemen if Adam and Eve existed?
If you go back 5,800 years, and people had the “normal” number of children, could we have the current population?
How can a religious person be a scientist?
Now I Understand is a fascinating and entertaining read to share with the whole family. Read it today.

Religion & Spirituality
June 25
Daniel Friedmann
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