Now Sings My Soul Now Sings My Soul

Now Sings My Soul

A Spiritual Guide to Sound Mental Health

Publisher Description

Now Sings My Soul is a three volume book in the author's series for Spiritual Guide to Sound Mental Health.

This book series comes in a fourteen book pack of which this is the first volume. It is a humbling and privileged honor from our Lord that He would use His gift of writing in my twilight years, to give life to those that sit in darkness and hope to those that sit in the shadow of death.

Life's challenges, adversity and persecutions are characteristics of our Christian Faith and this book audaciously prepares you for spiritual war in the time of peace. Studying and practising the contents of this book will produce in you the Mind of Christ, transform and culture your mind; educate your Spirit in the provisions and whole body of truth laden in God's Holy Word for your every day life and living.

You will be illuminated, empowered and inspired to be the best that God's made and called you to be in lighting up your world and living a life of the Spirit with your mind wholly flooded with the light of God and your heart filled with the fullness of God. 

This book will deliver to you, the convincing whispers of Christ in my heart and will become a loud voice in your Spirit and Soul; building you up strong, destroying the power, infiltrating and piercing the darkness of fear, rejection, depression, despondency, hurt and pain.

As each book series is published and freely gifted to my world especially to our young Millennials, my one prayer and strongest desire is that " Peradventure one life will be saved" just as I was....

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May 31
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Pastor Taiwo Dara