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This book was written for heterosexual men that have endured a failed long-term relationship with a woman and are having a difficult time picking up the pieces and starting over in life. This book will appeal especially to those men who have discovered that their wife committed infidelity. For these men, life as they know it was completely turned upside down. I understand the confusion, the despair, and the anger that you are going through. I went through it all, too. You need a little help, a little boost, to help you understand it all and to get you up and over the wall. That’s what this book is for.

Maybe you’ve never been married. Maybe you just had a long-term girlfriend that suddenly said, "I love you, but I'm not IN LOVE with you" and you’re trying to understand what happened and how to successfully move forward in life. For you, consider this book a lesson in both why your breakup may have happened AND how you can avoid a ton of trouble with the women in your future (yes, there WILL be more women). Learn from all of us who have been there and done that. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say.

In 2015, I started the website at dadstartingover.com as a way for me to write and talk about my experiences and my personal philosophies about relationships as I move forward in life. I continue to learn as I go. Creating the website and my regular articles were very much a form of therapy for me.

There continues to be a growing demand for the material on my site. At the time of this writing, dadstartingover.com is at or near the top of search results for popular terms like “dead bedrooms”, “signs my wife cheated on me”, and “wife wants open marriage”.  Thousands of men are online looking for answers they never thought they would need. Some men don’t like what they read on my site. It cuts a little too close to the bone for them. It’s not the warm and fuzzy solution they were looking for. Yet, most men that contact me find the information valuable and eye-opening. The site gives them the extra oomph they need to come to terms with their situation and to begin the process of starting over. 

Are you one of these men? You are not alone. Not by a longshot. Welcome to the club. "NOW WHAT?" was written for you.

August 27
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