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Adriana Paige didn't see her breakup with Alec Graves coming any more than he did, but at the time she couldn't see any other way to stop him from turning into some kind of monster. For weeks now she's been haunted by the worry that she made a terrible mistake, but she's thousands of miles away from Sanctuary now and there's nothing left but to try and soldier on.

Alec Graves had just finished standing off the single most dangerous group of shape shifters in the world when Adri told him she was moving away. He'd always known that being the alpha of his small pack would come with costs, but he never imagined that losing Adri would be one of them.

Alec and Adri are two damaged hearts with one thing in common. They would both give almost anything to be free of their pain. They just want to be numb.

Publisher's Note: Readers new to the Reflections series should begin with Broken or Torn, both of which are also by Dean Murray. Numb is preceded by Intrusion and followed by Trapped.

Numb is a 2,500 word young adult paranormal romance short story.

April 18
Fir'shan Publishing
Dean Murray

Customer Reviews

LaLa Reads ,

Wow! What a series!!

Love these books! Just when you think you have it all figured out, something new is thrown into the mix!

ABBK8908 ,

Needed this.

This short story was exactly what I, as a reader, needed. It felt like a small amount of closure to the gaping wound left by A&A's breakup. As always, it also granted me insight into Adri's life that helped her grow as a character for me.

Berty2212424546757894/(8 ,

Short but really good

Short but really good. Quick read amazing.

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