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Bad Idea #241: Sending a dirty text to your number neighbor.

In my defense, my friends did it too, and their neighbors took it as the joke it was.
Mine didn’t.
He responded with a dirty text of his own. Next thing I know, I have a standing texting date every night at ten-thirty.
Until I have to miss it because the stray kitten who adopted me one week ago is sick. The only person I know who can help me at this time of night is my British next-door neighbor and local vet, Isaac Cooper.
I’ll keep him overnight, he says. Here’s my number to call me in the morning, he says.
The problem?
I know that number.
Because I’ve been texting it every night for the last four days.

March 25
Emma Hart
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Customer Reviews

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Just What I Needed

What a coincidence...who would've thought that the faceless person that Hannah spent a night of naughty texting with would turn out to be much closer than she thought? Yep, talk about an OMG moment. Looking her next door neighbor in the eye just got a lot more awkward. But this is pure Emma Hart, and, with all of the very serious things going on in real time, NUMBER NEIGHBORS is just the sort of fun sexy read that I needed.

Hannah and Isaac are both immediately likable. They're smart, snarky, sexy, and just the right type for each other. Does it take a hot minute for them to realize this? Yes, but once they start letting their guards down and go with what's happening, it doesn't take long. Isaac and Hannah have great chemistry, both in and out of the bedroom, which is important for me in a book. I like that they have common interests, and that there's more to them than just the physical.

Emma continues to write rom-com gold, and she has broken the mold with Grandma Jen and her girl gang. Seriously, these ladies are a force to be reckoned with, but I think that we all want to be at least a little bit like them when we grow up... ❤️

Virna Thompson ,

Charming and read!

Numbers Neighbors by Emma Hart was a fun and light read. Hannah is out with friends and having a few drinks when they decide to have some fun. Now Hannah is having fun texting her number neighbor. But imagine her surprise when she needs help from her actual neighbor who is a vet and he gives her his number and it’s THE number?

The story was amusing and light-hearted and just had me laughing out loud. The characters were charming and it was easy to just fall into the story.

Happy reading!

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Number Neighbors

Number Neighbors by Emma Hart is another heart-warming rom-com from one of my favorite authors. A sexy texting incident between strangers turns into much more when they realize that they are not anonymous sexters but are in fact next-door neighbors. Queue the awkwardness!!! But things turn out well. Isaac handles Grandma Jen with an enviable ease, is a wonderful vet with a skill for taking care of Hannah's kitten (from hell) Lucifer, and comes complete with wonderfully sexy British accent to boot. Hannah manages to overcome her own awkwardness and issues with knowing the man she was sexting is her hot neighbor she barely knows and manages to get out of her own way and let the relationship with Isaac blossom. Loved it! A flawless feel-good read, especially now with the world in turmoil and isolation. Enjoy!

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