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Delivers a wealth of information for nurses who wish to open and manage their own health clinics

Public health nursing—with its focus on compassionate, holistic care and services to the poor, the aged, those suffering from social injustice, and those without adequate health facilities—had its origins over a century ago with the founding of the Henry Street Settlement in New York City. Embracing the same foundational principles, Nurse-Led Health Clinics is the first book to describe innovative, nurse-managed solutions for improving health care today. It addresses the key business, policy, medical, financial, and operational considerations necessary for successfully opening and operating nurse-led health facilities. With the mission to dramatically expand access to primary and preventive health care, these clinics provide a full range of services—including primary care, health promotion, disease prevention, and behavioral health care—to residents of underserved communities throughout the United States.

The book delivers a wealth of comprehensive information for nurses who are considering opening their own clinics. Reinforced with best-practice models and case studies, it discusses what it takes to successfully start and run a nurse-managed health center. The book addresses the history and growth of nurse-led clinics and describes the nurse-led paradigm of care. It identifies the different types of nurse-led clinics (primary care, school based, wellness, and more) and the clinical services offered within them. Also discussed are the requirements and mind-set of potential consumers and strategies for sustainability along with the role of the collaborative team. The pros and cons of a variety of business and operations models are examined along with quality metrics and initiatives. The book also covers various state and federal policy challenges and opportunities and explores the future of nurse-led care in view of ongoing health care reform. Helpful appendices include a start-up checklist, sample bylaws, and a managed-care contracting toolkit.

Describes key business, policy, medical, financial, and operational considerations for running a nurse-managed health centerAddresses the pros and cons of a variety of business models for nurse-led careIdentifies the most common clinical services offeredPresents quality metrics, best-practice models, and case studiesIncludes state and federal policy and regulatory challenges and opportunities

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