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The Matchmaker’s Curse says if the mutant accepts the match, then his fated mate must die. If he doesn’t accept it, then he must die… 

No one has yet survived the curse.


The threat coming for Selena Irving has been stalking her family for years, ruining her parents’ lives and pushing her onto the warrior’s path. She’s the only female yet to qualify for the elite dark ops unit in the Army called the Red Team, and while that shielded her for a little while, the nightmare’s begun again. Now she’s caught the eye of an alpha male with superpowers—her definition of trouble. Sexy-as-hell Bastion loves easily, laughs often, and cooks like a master chef. He’s also the only man to see through her defenses to the person she used to be…the woman she might have become had her past been different.

Bastion, changed against his will into a mutant warrior, is on a mission to find those responsible for stealing his life, intent on stopping their plans to unravel humanity. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but he bonds with Selena the first time he sees her, activating a curse neither of them can escape. His only chance to break it is to ruthlessly burrow into her secrets, forcing her to face her hidden scars, helping her heal before the danger headed her way can use her past to take her down—and everyone she loves with her.

August 31
Elaine Levine
Elaine Levine

Customer Reviews

jolinbaker ,

Worth the Wait

“I want a lover. Not just any lover. One strong enough to stand next to me, to let me be me. I’m not good at following.” From the time Selena was first introduced in the Red Team Series, I’ve wondered what her counterpart would be like. He would have to be strong, able to dominate and yet at the same time, be able to submit to her strength. Bastion lived up to all of my expectations. He is the perfect balance for her.
It was refreshing to see so much of the Red Team characters in this book also. Once again, questions were answered and more were asked. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

april R H ,

Great Paranormal Suspense

Loving this new paranormal series by Elaine Levine! Centered on The Liege’s Legion this series is loosely connected to The Red Team Series, both fighting the Omni World Order but in very different ways. Bastion and Selena’s story is romance with a side of kick butt sci-fi action. It’s a gripping somewhat futuristic story with complex characters, intriguing plot lines and sexy times.

StarMase358 ,

We are so not in Kansas anymore

In O-Men: Liege’s Legion series, Bastion is the second installment, one that ties together two series, one about human warriors (The Red Team) and the other about altered human warriors (The Legion) with their common enemy, the Omni World Order.
The Omni’s secret agenda on forcing nanotechnology experimentations into humans as part of the military program is at the verge of being discover by the general world population due to a massive creation of deviant creatures that are attacking humans. Creations that led me to believe that there is a division in the Omni ranks that is acting on its own or not, but that needs to be stopped ASAP. Meanwhile scientists and researchers responsible for the creations and experimentations of the nanotechnology have been killed consistently in the past months causing a huge gap in knowledge about how to stop the deviant creations and the outside lab experimentations in female humans as we saw in the previous book.
Bastion and his altered human teammates are on a mission of observing the households that hold the special operations team, owned by Owen Tremaine and their families, where it is rumored that The Ratcliff, one of the best teams of scientists linked to the creation of the nanotechnology, is in cahoots with them. Then the unexpected happened, the Matchmaker presented himself to Bastion pointing out that his fated-mate is Selena, a human warrior in the Tremaine team, a team that could easily be another enemy.
Through highs and lows a beautiful romantic story was born between two very different beings whose pasts presented strongholds against a happy future, a future where they learn to trust themselves, each other and each other’s teams. I can’t wait for the next installment in 2020.

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