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Todd Walton is the author of the acclaimed novels and short story collections Inside Moves, Forgotten Impulses, Louie & Women, Ruby & Spear, Buddha In A Teacup, Under the Table Books, and Little Movies. His many music CDs include Lounge Act In Heaven, Dream Of You, Mystery Inventions, and Incongroovity.

A visionary science fiction novella, Oasis Tales of the Conjuror is a life-affirming response to the question: How will humans survive in the wake of societal and environmental calamity caused by the imbalance between human desires and the earth’s capacity to sustain those desires?

Oasis Tales of the Conjuror may be science fiction, but the story may prove to be prophetic in the not-too-distant future. The challenges facing the citizens of the oasis are the same grave challenges facing humans on earth today, challenges we have faced many times before in the grand sweep of human history.

The Golden Light is the story of two soldiers, as different from each other as two men can be, thrown together in the aftermath of a terrible battle, their quest for safety and enlightenment creating between them a profound friendship transcendent of their differences.

Of Water and Melons is an uplifting family drama set in the hills of North Carolina during America’s Great Depression, a tale of hope and faith about a farmer and his family and their dream of one day being free of fear and want.

When Is It Done and Clumsy Booby are two charming short stories starring the same young poet, a humble yet ambitious fellow named Theodore who wants nothing more than to be appreciated for his way with words.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 10
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