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Zeroing Out

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Part Da Vinci Code, part James Bond, this is a surreal, bizarre, but totally true story of a man’s effort to battle a machine whose sole purpose is to collect intelligence, invade privacy and steal intellectual property. An autobiography of a witness privy to the activities in the shadows of the 11 September 2001 events in the United States, the chronology pieces together seemingly disparate events in the context of daily life and law practice.

From his birth in Southeast Asia, to his childhood in Upstate New York, the chronology follows him as he works across the country, and in Europe as a migrant labourer in Spain, alpine ski guide in Austria, a factory hand in Sweden, and motorcycle courier in London. Followed by law school in Connecticut, and practicing law in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Osaka, this exposé is a real life glimpse from the trenches of how the diplomatic, military, and political world functions. This is not the fairytale imagination of Clancy or Grisham. The author substantiates factual experiences with hundreds of cites from the media, personal documentation and photographs.

The chronology renders graphic examples of how the clandestine services, or what the author calls the clandestine disservices, operate. The reality is not witty lines, clever gadgets, acts of bravery, or martinis in casinos, but secrets hiding in plain site crafted by petty egos in sequestered offices. The book exposes how nuance, euphemism and metaphor prove to be immeasurably more powerful than bullets or dollars. Information is king. Disinformation is God. The deception and subterfuge wastes our tax money on unethical, fundamentally unjust government activities. The ‘movers and shakers’ are frauds. Moreover, even the major players may not be aware of how they are being played.

The chronology draws connection after connection to debunk the stories in the news as lies created for public consumption. Your world is shaped much more by people like those named in this chronology, people whose names you have never heard of, in offices you did not know existed, than by the prime ministers or presidents who front the action.

More than just disclosure, this books explains how The Great Game is played and how to play, or if the reader is already playing, how to play better. Learn to read between the lines, and understand the subtext of multinational corporations and government activities. Learn how propagandists warning the world about ‘terrorism’ are the greatest threat to peace. More than instructional, the book provides a viable solution to enable vested interests a path forward to improve the well-being of all. Concrete steps for a workable solution are proposed.

This autobiography is not a smoking gun. This is an explanation of where and how they hide the smoking guns. After reading this case study you will understand how to recognise the smoke, bring your own mirror, and find the reality in your life. The story you uncover in your life may have completely different fact patterns than the case studies in this document, but the techniques and lessons are the same. This is a lesson in the Socratic method, and, if you learn the method, you will forever change the way you read the news and see the world. Forever.

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    July 14
    Steven McIntire Allen
    S. McIntire Allen

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    Probably not the most impartial review

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