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Nicole must confront a dangerous and vile enemy. An enemy she encountered over a year ago. An enemy still haunting her dreams.

With the first of four talismans safely in Nicole's control, she and her friends begin their search for the next three. But several things get in their way—an evil device that prevents the usage of magic, vampire birds that render their victims immobile, and Keitus's constant planning and scheming.

On top of the traps and obstacles they must get through, Nicole, Austin, and Lizzie find themselves lacking in the magic department. They must strengthen their powers—otherwise, they'll lose traction on the things they've already gained.
Will Nicole and her team be ready for the epic showdown with old enemies? Or will they lose the talismans to an evil race they haven't faced in over a year? Find out for yourself by downloading Obscure today!

Suggested reading order:
Discern, Mosaic Chronicles Book One
Praxis Novellas, Mosaic Chronicles Book Two
Perceive, Mosaic Chronicles Book Three
Observe, Mosaic Chronicles Book Four
Reclaim, Mosaic Chronicles Book Five
Conceal, Mosaic Chronicles Book Six
Obscure, Mosaic Chronicles Book Seven
Enshroud, Mosaic Chronicles Book Eight (coming soon)
Withhold, Mosaic Chronicles Book Nine (coming soon)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 11
Andrea Pearson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Granmalee ,

Lots of action and adventure!

With Obscure you really get your moneys worth. Lots of action and adventure. Nicole and company find all kinds of prickly situations they have to find creative ways to wiggle out of. It really keeps the reader on tiptoes trying to figure out what will happen next. Ms Pearson truly knows how to make those twists and turns keep turning. Love that this book is a mix with Kilenya Chronicles but not necessary to have read it. Now on to book eight.

Seaponey ,

Mosaic Series = Fun Reading!

As you can see from the title, this is the 7th book in a series. I'm all out of order, because I have read the 1st book, and the 6th book, and part of the second book, and now this one. What you should understand by that is, I really like this series, you can read them in order or not, and you should still really enjoy this series. The series had been renamed, it was the Katon University Series. I wanted you to know that because if you were following it before and got lost, you found it now!

It's time to hunt down talismans. Nichole is a Guardian of magical objects, and that is not an easy task. It's hard, it can have consequences. Others have died, or had other things happen to them. Even so, Nichole, Jacob and Austin, along with some others, have big things ahead of them as they hunt these items down. Just try to imagine needing to locate an entire race of beings! Ready, set, and they're off!

Keitus is the villain, a super ancient bad guy. He isn't going to be easy to deal with in any way, shape, or form.

The ending: It's well done, but a bit abrupt and cliffhanger like. However, I have other books in this series to go read, so I can get caught up before the 8th book comes out. That, I have decided, is a very good thing.

My copy is an ARC in exchange for my honest review, and nothing more.

Trinyti 333 ,


Received this book free for an honest review. ~ Aww, come on! I can't take this anymore. This series is totally addicting and I started feeling withdrawal symptoms ever since I turned the last page and read the last word! OMG! What happened? I need to know! Ugh! Okay, okay, let me get my bearings together. Breathe... Huhhh. Whew. Okay, that's better. That being said and done--if you don't like cliffhangers, then this series isn't for you. But trust me, It's definitely worth it! Start with the first book, 'Discern' and work your way here... while I take a moment to Zen out! :0)

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