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Nicole Williams is the sole protector of an important elixir, one that will end a curse on the human race. But while the elixir strengthens her, it also forces her to abandon the love of the person most important to her—her boyfriend, Austin.

Determined to prove her loyalty and to distract herself from heartache, Nicole attacks her assignments from Rebecca with zeal, along with her goal to master Wind powers as quickly as possible. Because while she is getting stronger as an Arete, the group that wants to destroy all magical people is also growing in numbers and strength. Their new world leader is about to be revealed—an individual they believe is powerful enough to bring them victory against Aretes everywhere.

In the meantime, Nicole receives a plea for help from an elderly woman she met while studying in Ohio who may have information about the upcoming war. Nicole must now choose to continue her work or abandon everything she’s striven to achieve in the past few months to save the woman. If she chooses to come to Anna Morse’s rescue, she’ll need Austin’s assistance. Will they be able to put aside their feelings and find Nicole’s friend or will they lose control and doom humanity to be forever cursed?

If you'd like to receive Praxis (the second book in this series) for free, you can grab a copy at the author's website here: www.andreapearsonbooks.com. Enjoy!

What readers are saying:
"Wow! Original, classic ya fantasy. This book is simply captivating! Once I read the first sentence, I couldn't put the book down." - Marina

"Intense action and suspense. Great creativity." - Char

"I really love the way the paranormal things are brought in. It isn't run of the mill regular magic. Different and compelling, can't wait to read more!" - Taylor

"This story was a pleasant surprise. Exciting and full of intrigue. Totally different take on magic. Loved the characters, even the (purposefully) annoying ones." - Susan

"The story was a nice change from the usual young adult fantasy stories that are out there." - Kindle customer

"Recommended to anyone who enjoys a fairly quick read and who likes YA fantasy." - Laura

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Observe, Mosaic Chronicles Book Four
Reclaim, Mosaic Chronicles Book Five
Conceal, Mosaic Chronicles Book Six
Obscure, Mosaic Chronicles Book Seven
Enshroud, Mosaic Chronicles Book Eight (coming soon)
Withhold, Mosaic Chronicles Book Nine (coming soon)

Young Adult
August 21
Andrea Pearson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Granmalee ,

A lot of surprises in this book

A lot is placed on Nicole’s shoulders in this book. She can’t be near Austin without getting physically sick. She has to pretend to hate Aretes and take over leadership of the Tarians. She also has to pretend to follow her great grandmother, Rebecca, all the while knowing that Rebecca was being deceitful. Ms Pearson has lots more surprising adventures for Nicole in this book. I think young adults would love this series and even though I’m not a young adult anymore, (only young at heart ;;-)) I enjoyed reading this. Highly recommended.

DJ Divine ,

A Fun Read!

As I continue reading this series I enjoy it just as much as I did from the first book! Adventure, humor, romance, angst and magic!

Trinyti 333 ,

Hang on to your seats...

Oh, I cried, laughed, cheered, and got very angry! This series keeps you on your toes, emotionally. Every time you think you've got something figured out...BAM!, it totally goes sideways. I'm rooting for Nicole and the gang. Stay tuned!

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