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Violin Book IV of The O’Connor Method – A New American School of String Playing.  The hallmarks of the American school and this method are rich musical literature, cultural diversity, historical relevance, stylistic variety, and inherent groundwork for creativity through individual expression and improvisation. The Method features music that spans the 400 years of the violin's existence in the western hemisphere. Additionally, the Method and its materials nurture solo and duet playing, orchestra and small ensemble participation, and band-leading. The carefully planned sequence of musical pieces in the preceding books in the series provides a firm foundation for the technical, theoretical, artistic, and creative growth of students of the violin. The early books established foundational musical languages by way of four major traditional styles - hoedown, blues, spiritual, and ragtime.  

Book IV continues with the same carefully planned sequence of increased difficulty, bringing students to playing levels of high-intermediate and low-advanced, over the course of the 22 American classics included in the book. The four staple musical languages are presented here in Gold Rush, St. Louis Blues, I’ll Fly Away and Beaumont Rag.  Canadian music is represented by McNabbs and Fourth Floor, the music of J. S. Bach makes an appearance, as does South American music, with Tico Tico no Fubá, a Brazilian choro, among others.  Mark O'Connor's original arrangements of these pieces are exciting and challenging - the perfect next step for students who have completed O'Connor Method Book III or the equivalent. Each piece is accompanied by an audio performance by Mark and his collaborators. Special highlights of this collection are the six arrangements for violin duo. The duo parts are available for purchase in Six Violin Duos (also available on iBooks).

The O'Connor Method employs classic violin technique and theory, combined with American music, history, creativity, and improvisation to teach students to become better skilled classical violinists and string players in the 21st century. The goal of the O'Connor Method is for string players everywhere to fall in love with playing music and become bold, imaginative and creative individuals.  www.oconnormethod.com

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June 14
O'Connor Method
Mark OConnor

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