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I had a past. It was dark. It was ugly. It was my dirty secret.

No one knew the weight of the burdens that nearly consumed me.

I lived with a singular focus—seeking revenge on my father.

Then the new girl, Jolee Ward, moved into the apartment above me and shattered my carefully constructed world.

We were like oil and water. . . until we weren’t.
Then we detonated like gasoline and fire, but the inferno threatened to destroy us both.

One night with her couldn’t erase years spent plotting.

Wellington University wasn’t big enough for the both of us.

June 18
Renee Harless
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Romance213 ,

“We were insatiable for each other.”

What an amazing start to the new series by Renee Harless!! She has given us a tale of suspense, mystery, romance and of course, the importance of family, which is an integral part of all of her books. The setting for her latest book is a college near Boston, and her description of the campus was so accurate and vivid that I thought I was there on the quad, enjoying the warm Fall day. Jolee escaped her life in Alaska to be near her cousin and start over with determination and excitement for this next chapter in her life. Jolee is feisty, intelligent, goal oriented and goes after what she wants. She may not be like the other girls on campus, but she was her own person and refused to let anyone get her down. Men and romance were the farthest thing from her mind, until she bumped into the sexy and brooding Ford. She may have been blinded by his good looks, but his attitude turned her off and she wanted nothing to do with him. Or so she thought. Ford and his brothers were a tight knit group who were all the rage on campus. Girls followed them everywhere and were mesmerized by their sexy swagger and the air of mystery that surrounded them. Ford loved his family and they were everything to him, but he had secrets that he was unwilling to share with anyone. Until he met Jolee. She was beautiful, funny and he couldn’t stop thinking about her because she was too special to ignore. With all that was going on in his life, did he really have time to pursue her and make her his?
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