Of Love & Regret

Madison & Logan, no. 1

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Madison Bailey’s friendship with Logan Delaney was complicated. An underlying attraction made it hard to ignore his devastating good looks and easy charm but Madison was determined to remain strictly platonic. Their history together made it impossible for her to consider anything more.

What she didn’t count on was the possibility of losing Logan completely. Opening her heart and taking a chance with him could mean dizzying happiness or shattering regret. And regret was one emotion that Madison knew all too well.

Book 1 of Madison & Logan's story.

July 23
S.H. Kolee
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

MKH08 ,

Not disappointed!

I have enjoyed every book by Kolee and this one good as well. However, Kolee jumped on the sequel bandwagon and we have to wait two months (minimum) for more of the story. I'd wait until it comes out to read this one...will make it so much sweeter. I hate cliff-hangers!

Annmric8 ,

Too much regret. The story was repetitive. Not enough progression.

I do not like how Madison feels she is betraying Cassie. I do not like how Madison does not feel worthy or good enough. It's depressing to read how insecure and unstable Madison is. I can't get emotionally attached to a character like this.
I feel bad for Logan being trapped in this deceptive life that Cassie's family created and the trapped life Madison created. Let your fears go and give into the happiness you deserve. I want to scream this to Madison.

I'm not a fan of weak minded people. This story is repeating itself. The same situation that occurred in the past is reoccurring again. It's tiring re-reading the same guilt and betrayal Madison has. Move forward already. What about Cassie's betrayal to Madison. She never disclosed to her why she was depressed nor did she inform her that Logan tried to break up with her and that she would not allow it.

Come on Madison don't flatter yourself. Don't put Cassie's issues onto your guilty conscience. The truth is out there. This story is not progressing. As long as the past keeps Madison carrying a guilty conscience she is unable to move forward. At this point I'm skimming through the story. Shut up Madison. You overthink everything. Just enjoy the moment.
Madison needs to seek therapy. Everything Logan says is true and she is still hiding behind her fears.
Truer words have never been written when Madison says,"it's painful how much I love you". It's actually just as painful to read. Their guilt for cheating and wrongfully hurting innocent people while claiming to form a loving relationship is exhausting. Too much guilt in this relationship. At this point they both need therapy. I really no longer care what happens to them. They deserve each other.

Ruester8 ,

Just another trilogy

This is a good book, with interesting characters. I was interested in how the characters were changing and the development of where it was going. (Though it did drag at times). I'm tired of getting to the end of a book and having it not be the end of the story, but being told that in 6-12 months I can find out more. By the time the next installment comes around, I will have read a ton of other books and not even remember what made these characters and this story interesting. This is a decent read, but I'd recommend waiting until the sequel/trilogy/whatever is finished to buy it so that you can actually get the full impact of the story instead of losing it in the months between.

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