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I killed a man to protect my sister, and now I am a fugitive. With bounty hunters hot on my trail— willing to take me dead or alive— I’m forced to disguise myself as a cabin boy on the Bella Donna. I should have been safe at sea, but I cannot escape the dangerous feelings evoked by the ship's handsome captain.

For I am Merisol, one of the adoptive daughters of Lady Eville, and to escape my past and save my friends I will make an uncertain bargain with a shady sea witch. The deal sounds too good to be true. What could possibly go wrong?

Fiction & Literature
June 30
Chanda Hahn
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hippie worm ,


I couldn’t put this down! I love the characters and the whole storyline! Highly recommend! Definitely had me in shock a few times.

Kim94945 ,

Such a great, creative story!

Of Sea and Song
by Chanda Hahn
Book 3 in the Daughters of Eville series
Rating: 4.5/5

I'm amazed at this book. It is so well written and the story is so well thought-out that I didn't want to stop listening (I borrowed the audiobook via Hoopla through my local public library). I loved the characters and the wonderful adventures they got caught up in. I have read the first two books in the series but the books can definitely be read by themselves. I highly recommend reading all three of the books (and the ones to come). (The first book in the series is currently on sale as of 10/24/2020).

Having never read anything from this author before starting this series, I was pleasantly surprised to find YA fantasy fairytale retellings with tons of added background and lots of twists and turns. I love a good retelling but this one was extra special, and as the reader, I was constantly being tossed to and fro with every unveiling and adventure that came up. I laughed. I cried (a lot near the end). I thoroughly enjoyed one of my favorite fairy tales coming to life in such a unique way. (P.S. I'm a huge fan of Melanie Dickerson and KM Shea, so if you enjoy their fairytale retellings, you'll definitely appreciate this series with a slightly darker side).

From the audiobook standpoint, I found the reader very talented at portraying the feelings and emotions of multiple characters that each had a distinct voice/accent. I was very impressed and will definitely be looking for more audiobooks read by Jesse Vilinsky.

PG-13 appropriate.

Highly recommend if you enjoy fairytale retellings with some imaginative changes that almost work better than the originals.

bgold1342 ,


Love this series! I love how she’s paints in the fact that some family is chosen. Even if it is under poor circumstances.

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