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Remember when cops depended on dogged legwork to solve crimes?

It’s 1979. Before cell phones. Before computers. Before the World Wide Web. LA Detectives Robbie Howard and Danny Wallace solve crimes the old fashioned way, by relentless legwork. Multiple deaths on the lot of a movie studio look like your average murder-suicide. At least that’s what someone wants everyone to think. It takes relentless determination for Howard and Wallace to write off a Hollywood killer.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 24
Polaris Press
Lorraine L. Bartlett

Customer Reviews

bunnygirl888 ,

Great Hollywood themed mystery!

This story is set in 1979, before cell phones or the internet. Even though the story is set back years ago, it doesn't make it old or outdated. In fact, it makes it fresh and different from a lot of books out there. The story centers around multiple murders in a script writing department. The story is well-written and I enjoyed the characters. It was a great read!

musiqmim ,

Old Time Style Detective Short Story

Off Script by L.L. Bartlett

In 1979 LA Detectives Robbie Howard and Danny Wallace are called to the scene that appears to be a double homicide of two young women and suicide of an older woman in the script department of Monarch Studios. The two detectives feel something is off about the scene and begin their investigation into the lives of the victims as well as their co-workers. Though determination, interrogation, and partnership and good old fashioned detective work can they solve the murders?

This is a great short story reminiscent to the old time detective dramas. I could see Detectives Howard and Wally (nicknames for one another) in their 70’s style suits following their leads and gut intuition. You can tell they have worked together for years to form a great friendship and partnership that helps them in solving crimes. I really enjoyed this story. I would recommend it to those looking for a quick clean mystery and who enjoy the old-time radio detectives/police procedurals.

**I voluntarily read a copy of this book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**

Kuzlin ,

Off Script

L.A. Detectives Wallace and Howard are assigned to a multiple murder/suicide case at Monarch Studios. The year is 1979 and checking in with the precinct means finding the nearest payphone. But murders still need to be solved...not with computers, but with brains, interviews and good old fashioned police work. This short story was a good read and kept me interested from start to finish. The characters were enjoyable and I hope to read more stories about this partnership.

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