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“Straight up, parent tested, and funny to boot, Jamie gives you all the information you need.” —Amber Dusick, author of Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

A proven six-step plan to help you toilet train your preschooler quickly and successfully, from potty-training expert, Pied Piper of Poop, and social worker Jamie Glowacki.

Worried about potty training? Let Jamie Glowacki, potty-training expert, show you how it’s done. Her 6-step, proven process to get your toddler out of diapers and onto the toilet has already worked for tens of thousands of kids and their parents. Here’s the good news: your child is probably ready to be potty trained EARLIER than you think (ideally, between 20–30 months), and it can be done FASTER than you expect (most kids get the basics in a few days—but Jamie’s got you covered even if it takes a little longer). If you’ve ever said to yourself:

** How do I know if my kid is ready?
** Why won’t my child poop in the potty?
** How do I avoid “potty power struggles”?
** How can I get their daycare provider on board?
** My kid was doing so well—why is he regressing?
** And what about nighttime?!

Oh Crap! Potty Training can solve all of these (and other) common issues. This isn’t theory, you’re not bribing with candy, and there are no gimmicks. This is real-world, from-the-trenches potty training information—all the questions and all the ANSWERS you need to do it once and be done with diapers for good.

June 16
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kdmv123 ,


Loved this book! I feel confident to start! I’m excited !!

sammiedpayne ,

Get this book!

This book is everything! Tells you where to start, addresses all dilemmas you might have and gives solutions to them. The biggest thing that got me through was it validates your feelings. Potty training was rough the first week and got me to the point of tears but this book encourages you to push through and not give up and I’m so glad I didn’t. Buy this book and really read through it and reference back during the process and you won’t be disappointed.

Hannahhh96 ,

Potty Training Must-Have

When someone suggested this book to me, I thought “I’m not reading a book on potty training my kid, c’mon.”

But THIS BOOK!! I successfully trained my son at 28 months with it. He was going on his own the second day! Do yourself a favor and read it before you start potty training! I tried training him once before and didn’t realize how wrong I was going about it. The methods in the book take the pressure off with no bribes, rewards, timers. Potty training is never easy, but this helps so much. I don’t know how it would have gone had I not read this.

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