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Dan is a traveling salesman who has a streak of bad luck. His car breaks down and he gets towed to the smallest town he's ever been to and it is fifteen minutes out of his way! At the end of a long day of waiting, he realizes he forgot his wallet in the tow-truck and has to pay Mark, the sexy, hard-bodied country mechanic, by other means. Mark teaches Dan a harsh lesson - remember your oil change! Warning: this 3700 word erotic short story features m/m action, discipline, spanking, rough sex, bondage, oil play, a muscular hunk of a mechanic and a salesman with a swimmer's body and a taste for being dominated. Don't forget your wallet! Excerpt: “Listen – I have a meeting early tomorrow. Is there any way I can pay you on my way back tomorrow night? I’ve just got to get on the road.” Dan pleaded, sounding a little more pathetic than he meant. “I gotta have something. Some kind of payment. Boss will flip his shit if he finds out I spent all day on a car and didn’t get anything for it except a promise. Although...” Mark trailed off, and looked Dan up and down. His look was a little lusty, Dan thought. “If you really want to get out of here tonight, I bet we could work something out, if you’re into that kinda thing?” Dan stepped forward, very close to Mark’s muscular chest, and said under his breath: “I thought you were never going to ask.” *** Back in the garage, away from the road and prying eyes, Mark descended hungrily on Dan, shoving him back against the work bench and pushing his oil-covered hands under Dan’s business-casual button down. The skin on Dan’s belly prickled with excitement as Mark caressed him with rough, slick hands and left a trail where he’d touched. Dan wrapped his arms loosely around Mark’s thin waist and pulled the mechanic in close. Dan’s hands trembled at the base of the mechanic’s spine as Mark leaned in and brushed his stubble on the smooth skin of Dan’s neck. He teased Dan with two abrupt, halting kisses behind his ear and slid his hands around to the back of the salesman’s body, slipping his fingertips down past Dan’s waistband. A gasp escaped from Dan followed by a satisfied purr when Mark began to knead the skin and muscles at the top of his ass and grind their hips together. Plenty of sensation came through the business casual slacks Dan was wearing; his breath quickened when he felt the seam of Mark’s jeans rub on him. As quickly as he had come on, Mark backed away, letting Dan slide off the bench at his back. The mechanic took him by the hand and led him across the garage to a dingy corner and left him standing in the dark for a moment. When the overhanging work lamp flickered to life, Dan noticed that Mark’s hands were covered in oil.

Fiction & Literature
March 7
Francis Ashe
Smashwords, Inc.

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