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Old Letters and New Demons is a novel of the two combined genres of historic and speculative, for an adult audience. In 1929 Harry Crosby shot his girlfriend and two hours later he killed himself. They were found fully clothed with their shoes off and their toe nails painted red. After this incident, Harry’s wife Caresse, moved to an estate in Bowling Green, Virginia, where she wrote pornography with Henry Miller and Anis Nin in the 1940’s. She is a very strong female protagonist.
In 1983 John and Julia Gavis dug up their father, who was killed by their younger brother, along with their mother and brother in 1978. This was in Spotsylvania, a few miles from Hampton Manor, an estate, where Caresse Crosby lived. When charged with disinterment of a human body, John and Julia were wearing multiple layers of bread wrappers on their feet and hands and said it was to keep the demons away.
I linked these two tales together because of close proximity to each other and because they made a great template for a novel. I tied the two stories back to Egypt, beginning in the 1920’s, and ended them in 2016.
This novel is brimming with humor, sarcasm, wit and a fist full of ancient energy. This is a two for one book. There’s the story of Albert and Constance, aka Harry and Carasse, but also Greg Singleton, who in 2016 purchases a home in Bowling Green and finds a talisman in a box that changes his personality and goals
An excerpt of this novel was published in RumbleFish Press in December of 2017.
“Look out any window and you can see it’s all crumbling. It’s becoming a wrinkled loaf of French bread pretending to be a newspaper.
I scan the room for swollen crotches and find only wilted love. Everyone has had everyone in this room and we’re all drowning and sinking into dead memories. Even the dog collapses from the weight of the choked dreams. The jaundice light bulb winks out and everyone applauds. Death is celebrated here. Even the silhouette of an alley whore on the Rue Saint D

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April 5
Richard DeVall
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