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Old School Bodybuilding, is about the great legends that started it all. A comprehensive history from Eugene Sandow to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others. Trace the evolution of bodybuilding as we know it today and learn the history of some of the greatest bodybuilders the world has ever seen. It will take you back to the golden years of bodybuilding when it was in its most simple form, as it was intended to be. Discover their training habits, favorite routines and diets that helped them achieve some of the greatest physiques of all time.

Most importantly, this book documents their greatest achievements and what it took toachieve superior physiques at a time before anabolic drugs were in existence.

With over 30 great legends listed in this book, you will learn and appreciate the dedication, hard work and persistence in depicting the American Bodybuilder from the 1800's to the late 1990's.

Learn some of their training routines, methods, and diet plans that have never before been exposed. You will also find detailed information about their training habits, favorite body parts, types of diet they followed and how it all started for them. Share some of their secrets in training methods, dietary plans and learn techniques to meet your bodybuilding goals.

Old school bodybuilding workouts are what the new generation attempts to keep reinventing. Some of the world's greatest bodybuilding legends got their physiques from these old school workouts. From the late 1800's, and in each decade after that, exercises and routines are listed for you to apply. Learn how many of the great champions achieved their magnificent physiques. You will see how the supplement industry got started and how steroids were introduced in this country, and how it affected the bodybuilding community. Learn how dietary trends emerged and were incorporated into trends that are around today. Sample dietary menu's are listed along with training techniques and how they evolved through the years.

If you're a fan of the classic physiques of the golden era of bodybuilding, then this book will serve you well in discovering the training habits, exercise routines, and dietary plans of some of your favorite great legends. This book focus's on the history of bodybuilding, great iconic legends, dietary trends, training techniques, and how it can serve you to better understand bodybuilding today. Old school versus new school of bodybuilding is one of the most controversial and popular subjects discussed today. So begin learning and discover for yourself how it all began and judge for yourself.

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