Older Than Me: An Age Gap Romance Collection

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Warning: this collection contains 5 sexy age gap romance short stories featuring young women and their determined alpha males! Includes The Sweetest Revenge, Noticed by My Dad's Best Friend, Bought by My Best Friend's Dad, Mile High with My Dad's Best Friend, and Dad's Former Best Friend Just Got Out of Prison. Enjoy ;) 

The Sweetest Revenge

I want to kiss Mr. Jameson—aka my ex-boyfriend Troy's dad.

Why do I want to kiss my ex-boyfriend's dad, you might be wondering? Well, you see, I discovered that my so-called boyfriend was banging my so-called mother. Messed up, right?

I should just move on with my life and forget about them. Living well is the best revenge, right?

Wrong. I'm more of an eye for an eye type of woman. So that's why I'm planning to kiss Troy's dad.

Of course, if I were truly doing an eye for an eye, I would sleep with Mr. Jameson. But while Mr. Jameson is pretty attractive, the thought of meaningless revenge sex makes me a little queasy. A revenge kiss, however?

It sounds delicious.

But it turns out that Mr. Jameson wants so much more than a kiss...

Noticed by My Dad's Best Friend

Heat fills me as he stares at me shamelessly. Since when did Mr. Thompson start lusting after me? Before tonight, his conduct toward me was never less than completely and utterly appropriate. But now that I think about it, his 18th birthday present to me was unusually lavish. I told myself that it was just a rich person being rich, but maybe it was something more. And he never liked my boyfriend Jack. He told me that it was because he thought Jack wasn't good enough for me, but perhaps there was something more to his dislike.

The thought should creep me out, but instead I'm feeling a lust of my own.

Bought by My Best Friend's Dad

The auctioneer whistles. "We have half a million dollars for Asami. Can I get $510,000? Going once, going twice and — !"

"Two million dollars."

My mouth falls open when Guy Walton marches into the room. My heart races. Though he's scowling, he still looks handsome with his fashionably messy dark brown hair, blue eyes, and five o'clock shadow on his defined jawline.

"Well, this is a surprising development," the auctioneer says.

Understatement of the year. This is the last place where I would expect to run into my best friend's dad.

Mile High with My Dad's Best Friend

I yelp when I see Colin Mann. My heartbeat quickens, which tends to happen when I'm surprised—and when I'm in Colin's presence. With his messy salt and pepper hair, smoldering violet eyes, and defined jawline, I find him beyond sexy, which is a tiny bit awkward as he's one of my father's closest friends.

"Mr. Mann, what are you doing here?" I ask, hoping my face isn't as red as a tomato. He caught me singing Hannah Montana, and he caught me singing it very badly.

"I own this plane," he says.

My eyes jump out of their sockets.

Dad's Former Best Friend Just Got Out of Prison

He murmurs, "You've become even more beautiful, Rachel."

I try to ignore the new warmth between my thighs. Without the slightest acknowledgment of his comment, I change the subject: "It's immoral to be a billionaire. One person shouldn't have that much wealth."

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January 12
Isla Chiu
Draft2Digital, LLC

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