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I knew who I was before Olivier Durand came along. Despite growing up among the privileged elite, I never cared about corporate ladders or dream weddings. I proudly wear the label of social justice warrior. Until a car accident changes everything overnight. A video goes viral: Chicago’s Hottest Bachelor, billionaire Olivier Durand pulling me from my burning car. When he sets his sights on me, the whole world is watching. He can chase after me all he wants, but my answer will be the same: I loathe the ultra-wealthy. Even when they’re handsome, persuasive and...I have to admit, charming. It’s a hell no from me, though. Until suddenly, I’m not sure I’m the woman I thought I was.  


Now I know how the players on the NHL team I own must feel. Relentlessly hounded. Once the video of me pulling a woman from her burning car goes viral, privacy becomes a thing of the past. For whatever reason, Twitter has collectively decided this woman and I should become a romantic thing. A hashtag combining my name with hers is trending daily. Absolute nonsense. But then I meet her, and realize Twitter got it right. Daphne Barrington is beautiful, funny, brilliant and sweet. Now I just have to convince her to date me. Easier said than done. She’s maddeningly stubborn, and my deep desire to be with her soon has me writing massive checks. Not for jewelry or cars, but to charities. Winning Daphne’s heart is going to cost me, and I’m not sure even I have enough money to do it.

April 27
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

Rinsky13 ,

Perfect ending to this series!!!

This was a perfect ending to the series (though if I’m being honest, I would always want more). But goodness, I just completely fell head over heels for Olivier 😍. I mean, how can you not?! He’s handsome, charming, rich, goes out of his way for you/anyone, and oh yeah, rushes into a burning car to save a complete stranger. I mean come on!! Love!!! ❤️ Daphne is strong willed, smart and oh so stubborn, especially when it comes her feelings for Olivier. But I totally loved them together. And especially how Olivier breaks down her walls. Loved!!! Can’t wait for the new series...that might make this ending bearable.

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Perfect End To the Chicago Blaze Series

I was first introduced to author Brenda Rothert via her hockey series, Fire On Ice, and was so happy that she brought us back to the arena when she gave us the Chicago Blaze series. Each book, each character, has been so unique and such an integral part of the team, and I was sorry to see the end of it. But then, then...Brenda delighted all of us die-hard Blazers by giving us the story of Olivier Durand, successful businessman and owner of the Blaze. He's popped up here and there throughout the series, and I am so glad that he spoke loudly enough in Brenda's author ear to earn his own book, because he is all that. Smart, successful, not a kid, great dad, hockey fan, and, oh, yes, hot. I mean, total package. Plus, y'all, he's French. Yep. Color me a goner.

Then there's Daphne Barrington. She's pretty awesome in her own right. Not one to rest in her privilege, Daphne is working to do real good in the world, and is smart, savvy, and beautiful as well. Sure, they may have been introduced to each other in a less-than-desirable situation, but it doesn't take long for Olivier to realize that Daphne is just what, or who, he needs in his life, and is willing to do what it takes to help her feel the same.

Brenda did such a nice job with this story. Rather than being simply a wrap-up to an enjoyable series, OLIVIER is the story that was needed to bring things full circle, and also segue to the next awesome series, Sin City Saints. More hockey, more awesomeness, and I can't wait. In the meantime, if you haven't had a chance to read all about Olivier and his Blaze players, do it. Sports, love, steam, all mixed nicely, and worth the read. Enjoy... ❤️

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