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I think my midlife crisis is trying to kill me.

First my ex-husband, who tried to murder me, escapes prison. Then a tree falls on my car - with me in it! Add in a haunting at my new shop, plus a house that's suddenly infested with monsters, and I am in serious need of intervention - or a few drinks. Maybe then I'll understand how I'm able to do magic and see things no one else can.

But it's not all bad. I'm dating someone for the first time in twenty years and remembering what it's like to feel that anticipation before a kiss.

At the same time, maybe I should hold off as the weirdness in my life takes monstrous shape – literally - and I can't help but realize that magic is real. I truly am a witch and I know something bad is coming. Even scarier? I might be the only one who can stop it.

My poor little town is so screwed.


Mysteries & Thrillers
July 16
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

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On My Way by Eve Langlais

On My Way by Eve Langlais

2nd book in the Midlife Mulligan series. Paranormal women’s fiction

Naomi Rousseau is divorced (see the first book), and has moved to a small town where everyone thinks she’s a witch. She denies it, but strange things are happening to her and all around the town.
The cottage Naomi inherited from her grandmother is special. Whenever Naomi needs something in the house, it provides. Daughter moves in? Another bedroom. Car totaled? A garage appears with grandmas old car Betsy that runs just fine. When the house suddenly stops cleaning itself, Naomi has to find out why quickly before it collapses on top of her.

Entertaining and bit strange. Obviously not all the pieces in this puzzle have been reviewed. The paranormal level is upped in this second book quite a bit.
What I do understand is that the author is on a keto diet because all the carb free food is detailed meal, after meal, after meal. I love my carbs, but some of items sounded pretty good. And who doesn’t like bacon?
Naomi does need to learn to like herself. Her negative self image needs a turnaround and not just because she’s lost weight or schedules surgery.


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