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I'm Viola Parker, known on the circuit as one of the best show-jumper riders around. Some say I have a bit of an attitude, but they don't understand what it takes to deal with certain horse owners. That's why I'm worried about my current situation. I have a surprise trust fund waiting if I can keep a job for one year before I hit 30. Do you know how much crap I'll have to endure to make that happen? It boggles the mind.

Still, I know I can do it with the help of my new rules:
-Don't smart off.
-Don't drink.
-Don't sleep with the boss.

The last of which proves to be a real challenge when I meet the man who just hired me. He's working the surfer good looks, a super-hero jaw, and wearing a kilt, for cryin' out loud!

Right when I think the new job is going to be my typical disaster, I find a dead body on the farm. I didn't sign up for that, but the spirit of my favorite horse begins visiting my dreams, trotting me closer and closer to the killer's identity. That horse, along with his cryptic clues, is impossible to ignore.

Not even the stress-reducing lusciousness of my whipped-cream-in-a-can addiction is going to help me keep my job, let alone get me through this mystery alive.

Candace Carrabus expertly threads the needle between romance and suspense in the first Dream Horse Mystery, On the Buckle. Set on a Midwest horse farm, get ready to meet amateur sleuth Vi Parker who finds herself caught in a thrilling mystery!

˃˃˃ Vi begins her story...

"The truth is, my parents are alive. Pretending they're dead makes their absence in my life tolerable. When the letter came from their attorney--crap--who would have guessed they had a lawyer? Anyway, it was like they were dead because it referred to money I might receive, "amount undisclosed." That was just like them. Jesus. Amount undisclosed. What the hell was that supposed to mean? It could be five dollars for cripe's sake."

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Mysteries & Thrillers
July 8
Candace Carrabus
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