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Six months into her stay with her foster parents, Katie Parker is finally adjusting to her new family. But after a tornado rips through the town of In Between, nothing is ever the same again. When her foster mom, Millie, is diagnosed with cancer, Katie begins to doubt if God really does care. What will happen to Katie? Could she possibly have to leave In Between and the family she's come to depend on? Things spiral even further out of control when Katie juggles a science fair project, a malfunctioning best friend, spring break plans, and holding the attention of her own Prince Charming. It's going to take more than a glass slipper and some fairy dust to fix Katie Parker's problems. But will help come in time?

Fiction & Literature
June 19
Sweet Pea Productions
Jennifer Jones LLC

Customer Reviews

JulianneXD ,

Crazy Good!

I have read every book in the series and let me just tell you I could NOT put it down. There I am at midnight reading the book, there I am shopping, reading the book, everywhere, I AM RE
ADING the book! I love how it talks about faith and sounds very realistic. I definitely recommend this book for a young Christian teen/tween.

PushpushStable ,

On the Loose

On occasion I look in the mirror and think who is that old lady, cause I know I'm still a teen. So when I find an author who can cover the decades from teen to maturity, (sounds better than old), I'm delighted. This series is thoughtful, witty, and adds such a spiritual message your heart will be lifted.

CoriLyons ,


It is refreshing to read a book that has a taste of reality, is cute but not ridiculous, and does not rely upon profanity to shock the reader. She has real life concerns portrayed with warmth and aplomb. If I did not have a family member as eccentric, I would have not believed the grand mother character, but since I do, even she was believable. It is a really good book.

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