On the Rebound On the Rebound

On the Rebound

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Allie Stewart's new job is a dead end.

The Falcons, her uncle's professional hockey team, have been cellar dwellers for years, mostly because her penny-pinching uncle won't fund the team. And Allie isn't exactly a welcome sight.

Team management stuffs her where they won't have to deal with her: fundraising with the players' wives. It's not the job she got an MBA for, but she's never walked away from a challenge. Like management, the wives don't have much use for Allie, but she has an ally, the super-hot player representative, Will Cavallo.

As they work closely together, Allie can't help but be attracted to him. He's not like the other ego-inflated players. He's got a heart and the more she works with him, the harder it is to stay away from him. Little does she know that he has the same feelings for her, but the Falcons have a strict policy of no fraternization. Besides, she's a Stewart. She's completely off limits.

But Cavallo is trouble . . . big trouble. She can't keep her eyes or hands off him.

Proving herself is one thing, but how will she keep her relationship with Cavallo on ice?

Fiction & Literature
September 30
Anna Albo
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RobbobReview ,

Second Chances Are Hard…. Especially If Forbidden

Enjoyed every page. This is more than a second chance romance …. yes, it’s that but it’s also one of forbidden romance.

Both Allie and Will have come out of a bad long term relationship. They are attracted to each other… the chemistry is perfect. However, for them to be together rules have to be broken and secrets have to be kept. Now, we all know that secrets are never secret forever. And so it is with Allie and Will.

If they act on their attraction, they could lose their careers, and we’re not talking just any simple job. Allie’s future very well could be building and running a failed professional hockey team, the St. Paul Falcons. Will easily could be shipped off to another team…. his Falcons may be in last place, but Will is in high demand. He’s solid on defense and mature on and off the court.

Can they risk it all? Are they willing to accept the consequences if they do risk it all and get caught? Can a career replace and fill a void in the heart?

Good match… Allie and Will have a lot in common. They both have suffered from family members with addictions., they both ‘lost’ a parent and they both know the pain of a failed relationship.

Although this is a stand alone book, I’m seeing a followup on Allie and Will. There still are a lot of questions about their future. And what about Jen? Can’t see her going away easily. She’s bound to cause trouble. And will Eddie be able to protect Allie? No question in my mind he should be able too, after all he holds the trump card. If anyone can change or break rules, he can.

Jason: his story is too intriguing to ignore. I’m hoping the next book in this series gives us more insight into him. I can see an entire book on Jason alone. What a wonderful redeeming, second chance storyline it could be.

Trying to figure out why their relationship must remain hidden. Yes, I get it at first but not later in the book since they would be starting with a clean slate…. all new personnel in their jobs. Rules easily could be re-written before hiring new staff, especially since Eddie is the owner.

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