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The children of notorious Mafia wiseguy and informant Henry Hill-the real-life subject of Goodfellas-tell their own story of danger, hurt, and family in this extraordinary account of growing up with an out-of-control father in the federal witness protection program.

Henry Hill's business partner, Jimmy Burke, has whacked every person who could possibly implicate him in the infamous Lufthansa robbery at JFK airport. On his way to prison, lifelong gangster Henry is given two options: sleep with the fishes, or enter the FBI's Witness Protection Program.

Unfortunately for his children Gregg and Gina, they're dragged along for the ride. Like nomads, they're forced to wander from state to state, constantly inventing new names and finding new friends, only to abandon them at a moment's notice. They live under constant fear of being found and killed.

But Henry, the rock Gregg and Gina so desperately need, is a heavy cocaine user and knows only the criminal life. He is soon up to his old tricks and consistently putting their identities in jeopardy. And so it continues until the kids, now almost grown, can no longer ignore that the Mob might be less of a threat to them than remaining under the roof of their increasingly unbalanced father.

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October 15
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Customer Reviews

roz2d2 ,

Fascinating Read

I am so glad that Henry’s children were able to tell their side of the story. I feel like Hollywood and the media glamorize and romanticize the mobsters and Henry Hill. I am glad that Gregg and Gina were able to rise above the life they were born into and have better lives. It was such a great quick read I couldn’t put the book down. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks the mob or Henry Hill is cool.

Johneb777 ,

A must read!!!

I could not put this book down. These kids are encouraging... I feel like I know them. Great Book!!

YaGirlSandy ,

Great and insightful read!

If you are looking for a good mafia story a la Goodfellas, stick with the movie. This is not the sensationalized and celebrated version of the life of Henry Hill as told by Henry Hill. In this book, Hill is the father who puts his family through Hell, forcing them to live life on the lamb after turning state's evidence to save his own skin.

These first person accounts written by his actual daughter and son (changed to 2 daughters for the movie) begin shortly before they leave Long Island in 1980 to enter the witness protection program. The book walks us through the many sudden moves the family is forced to make when their secret locations are compromised, always due to Henry's own careless and attention seeking behavior. These now adult children share memories of countless family and friends they are forced to leave without so much as a goodbye.

Despite his incredibly narcissistic and violent behavior, the reader can't help but hold out hope that some humanity exists within Henry that will allow him to show some love towards his children. Alas, it is not to be. Each, in turn, come to realize that he will never be the caring father they so desperately need.

With a father who always puts his needs first and a mother who inexplicably refuses to protect them, they learn to cope in different ways.
As time marches on, they become stronger and wiser while Henry spirals further and further into heroin addiction. He ultimately loses
his stone cold grip on them as evidenced in separate incidents in which each attempt to take Henry's life.

In this reader's opinion, the real story here is the strength and determination of two individuals who refuse to give in or give up. Unlike Henry Hill's much distorted version, they are the true heroes of this saga.