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"Jane Ashford's romances are bewitching, filled with delight, intrigue, and dynamic tension."—Romance Communications

She Couldn't Be More Alone

Widowhood has freed Charlotte Wylde from a demoralizing and miserable marriage. But when her husband's intriguing nephew and heir arrives to take over the estate, Charlotte discovers she's unsafe in her own home...

Alec Wylde was shocked by his uncle's untimely death, and even more shocked to encounter his uncle's beautiful young widow. Now clouds of suspicion are gathering, and charges of murder hover over Charlotte's head.

He Could Be Her Only Hope...or Her Next Victim

Readers and Reviewers are Charmed by Jane Ashford

"Charm, intrigue, humor, and just the right touch of danger."—RT Book Review

"A riveting, emotional romance that will garner a place of prominence on anyone's keeper shelf."—Rendezvous

"A scintillating Regency adventure filled with...dark and dangerous action."—Affaire de Coeur

February 5
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Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Marina Ariadne ,

Always a favored author

Like this author, I too started reading Georgette Heyer in middle school (when did it stop being jr. high?), when she was still alive.

I happily read anything Ms. Ashford wrote, in the madcap days of several publishers with Regency lines. I am glad that she is still writing AND getting published in print, so that I can read more new stories of hers.

Due to lack of space for bookshelves, I'm picking up old favorites as they come into eformat, and while I might buy further books from an author in paper, I have to let go of them and buy an electronic copy. While there are a number of advantages to eformat, I really still like physical books, but the storage issue gets in the way when you like so many authors of excellent yet profuse output, so off to a library the new books go, gently handled, ready to delight more readers...the first one's free, little girl/boy.

This was a fun read. Lots of different personalities. A mystery to solve. Not the usual ton story, either.

Several women transforming themselves and those around them--even an alley cat.

What will happen to the house Charlotte lived in with the despicable Henry Wylde? Notice that the will never said anything about the house itself not to be sold--just his precious collection.

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