Once And Future Hearts Box Two

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I'm not sure how she does it, but Tracy continues to make each story more exciting than the last! I can't stop reading these, even when I should be sleeping! – Reader Review

The next three books of the series that will “keep you hooked until the end”, featuring the myths, legends and magic of the beloved King Arthur stories, surrounding heart-rending romances of the men and women who lived and loved in these perilous times.

War Duke of Britain

He is not the enemy she came to fight.

Idris the Slayer is the champion of the northern kings. Undefeated in battle, the dark, lone warrior who rides to war with a black wolf at his side spreads fear before him, even among those counted his allies. When Rhiannon of Galleva rides to her first battle with Emrys and Cai, she expects to fight the Saxon hoards pouring into Britain. She is not braced to defend herself against Idris’ incursion into her heart.

High King of Britain

All she wants is to fight for Arthur and Britain.

Lady Mair is a daughter of Corneus—the house of perfect warriors—and wants only to serve Arthur, War Duke of Britain, as her brothers Lucan and Bedivere do. Yet King Alun of Brocéliande wants to make her his queen, which would mean leaving Britain and Arthur’s court. Alun’s younger brother and Mair’s best friend, Rawn, sees things as Mair does—nothing is more important than being the best warriors they can be. But Rawn is hiding secrets of his own, that run counter to Mair’s desperate wish to be free to fight for Britain.

Battle of Mount Badon

Their every encounter gives off sparks of contempt and misunderstanding.

Bedivere is one of King Arthur’s companions, his marshall and war duke of his army. Handsome, remote, traditional and honor-bound, all he wants is to be a perfect warrior and serve Arthur. Only, Arthur’s people face another dark winter of deprivation and defeat at the hands of the ruthless Saxons. How can Bedivere find victory for Arthur when there is no hope? Cara of Brynaich is half-Saxon, the younger daughter of a reviled family. Her facial scars keep her apart from everyone. Her heart holds only hatred for the Saxons who betrayed her mother, murdered her father and brought her and her kin to such misery. She has no time for honor and tradition. Hope is for blind fools.

The series:

1.0 Born of No Man

2.0 Dragon Kin

3.0 Pendragon Rises

Included in this boxed set:

4.0 War Duke of Britain

5.0 High King of Britain

6.0 Battle of Mount Badon

The remainder of the series:

7.0 Abduction of Guenivere

8.0 Downfall of Cornwall

9.0 Vengeance of Arthur

10.0 Grace of Lancelot

11.0 The Grail and Glory

12.0 Camlann

Readers have described Tracy Cooper-Posey as “a superb story teller” and her historical fantasy romances as “written art”. Get the second boxed set today!


Praise for the series

You will be drawn into a world so different, so compelling. You won't want to put it down.

Love the descriptions and settings that transport me to that world. Well told and well written.

This book really kept me on my toes I cried so much not knowing what would happen. I'm so in love with this series.

This series is in the right century, told in the right way, and based on sound research, plus, it's just plain old great storytelling!

Tracy Cooper-Posey has brought the Arthurian Legend alive! I am so enjoying this series & it seems each book gets better and draws me in deeper.

A simply fantastic series that is getting better and better with each new book.

The more I read of this series, the more I want.

I can't say enough good things about the series!

I love the way the tapestry of the historical setting is pieced together, bringing the sights and sounds of the dark ages alive.

So good, I binged on these the first time as each individual book, and now in this box set, I binged on them again.

The spellbinding story-telling provided tales so complex and yet so enthralling that I was completely addicted and transported.

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August 31
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