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LOVE in the USA is back! Meet the Hesters—sisters Sonja and Elaine and their cousins, sisters Robin and Theresa. It’s their time to fall in love and Fate has the right partner in mind for each—soulmates these women never saw coming.

I never thought I’d see Jay West outside my TV screen ever again. We first met when he was eleven and I was ten. Our older sisters forced us to play together while they ran upstairs to make unsolicited phone calls to boys they thought were cute. Finally, Jay asked me what the name of the puppet I was holding in my hands was.

I hung my head, embarrassed by what my sister called my perpetual state of geekdom and said, “Skinny Pig.”

He said, “cool!” And from that moment on we became best friends forever—or at least I thought.

Years later I developed boobs and he became a teenage heartthrob. Then came that night.

Something happened between us—something unexpected and confusing. That was fifteen years ago. We hadn’t spoken since then. Now here I am, staring into his deep blue eyes. He’s no longer a boy and I’m not a girl. I’m a woman and he’s a sexy man, who’s just offered me the position of a lifetime.

Should I take it?

If I say no, my mundane life will go on as is. If I say yes, I’ll have to trust Jay West won’t eventually leave me high and dry like he’d done so many years ago.

The next book in A Hollywood Love Story (LOVE in the USA) is Now Lovers.

March 27
Z.L. Arkadie Books
Zuleika Arkadie

Customer Reviews

trawill726 ,

Sonja & Jay

I enjoyed this book and was drawn into it from the beginning. I love to read about old friends who fate brings together and gives them a second chance.
I recommend you read this book to find out what fate has in store for these two.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

macmurphie ,

Once Friends!

This is a sweet friends to lovers story! It does have a cliffhanger so make sure to pick up the second story. I did like the mystery and characters in this story. It definitely a story that keeps you hooked until the end.

ClearH ,

Once Friends

Many heartfelt and achy bits in this story as Sonja looks back at her history with Jay, and his bitter rejection of her.
Now many years later, they have a second chance at Love, and Jay has finally wised up enough to get back into Sonja’s life.
For Sonja, there’s a lot she’s been keeping inside. As she grows more confident in Jay’s love for her, she starts to appreciate the family that loves and supports her, no matter how pushy and overbearing they can be.
A well written contemporary romance that was rich and full of emotion.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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