Book 1 - Risky Business

Once Upon a Dare

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Advertising guru Olivia Masterson is all work and no play. But on the eve of earning her dream promotion, her best friend dares her to let loose for one night and seduce a sexy stranger. Olivia's worked her ass off to get where she is—why the hell not?

Cole Bennett never thought he'd run into his feisty one-night stand at the office, furious that he stole her promotion. No matter how hard she tries to ice him out, they can't seem to keep their hands to themselves...or their clothes on.

Olivia's talented—maybe even more than Cole—so when his dropped hints to the boss net her a promotion of her own, he's ready to celebrate...until she accuses him of fueling office rumors that she slept her way to the top. She wants to earn her own way? Fine. So what the hell does a guy have to do to permanently melt an ice queen?

Each book in the Risky Business series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Once Upon a Dare
Book #2 Once Upon a Power Play
Book #3 Seducing the Fireman

April 7
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

Loved it!!!

Olivia Masterson was excited because being summoned to her bosses office could only mean one thing. She was finally being made a partner. When she walked in she was shocked to see Cole Bennett sitting there. Cole was her one night stand from Friday night! As her boss had just announced to her, Cole was the new partner. WHAT? How was she going to work under someone she'd slept with, who clearly wants to do so again and who'd taken the job that was supposed to be hers?

Super sexy! The entire story line had a sexy vibe running just under the surface. When Cole spoke in that sexy voice, I could hear it in my head. Delicious! I admired Olivia's "I want to succeed on my own" attitude. She had the skills and everyone knew it, even if it was hard for Cole to fully understand it all at first. Great story that was very well written. I look forward to reading more from this talented author.

Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

awog ,

I dare you to love this...

The story of Cole Bennett and Olivia Masterson starts with a simple dare from a friend who think Olivia should get out more. Cole and Olivia meet at a bar near their work and the sparks were flying before they even said the first hello.

Cole has come to be a partner at the company they both work for. A position, that really should have been offered to Olivia. Now, with the heat coming off both of them when they hare a room, Olivia "Liv" and Cole have to learn to work around it. Since office rumors spread faster than wildfires. Liv does not want to tarnish her ice queen reputation by having an office romance make her look bad.

Cole does not understand at first why Live is so put off by the idea of them together in private. Who has to know? Aren't they both adults who can choose for themselves? Liv is furious that Cole thinks he can have the partnership and her too.

Live has worked hard to get where she is and should have gotten an offer for partnership. Now a big account is at stake and Live and Cole must work together to get a chance at earning it.

Live and Cole work for weeks together on this hopeful account. In between sparks that fly on their own, and more work and less sleep than either can really handle - Live and Cole decide to be together and hide it.

Once the account was a sure thing - Liv is surprised when finally getting the offer for partner. Until she finds out why.... and what finally got her boss to offer..... Cole. How could he not see she wants to earn her own way? Can they meet in the middle or will this heat turn cold?

Such an amazing chemistry between these characters and the live wire is so loud you can hear it crackling amongst the pages as you read. They are so meant to be together. They just need to learn how to rely on one another and not just themselves. Being hurt before makes most people gun shy and these two are no different. The ending surprise was so good - prepare yourself with some tissues!!

***This ARC copy was given FREE from and the publisher. My honest and mostly humble opinion does not reflect Netgalley, nor its affiliates.

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