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For over a thousand years—so legend has it—the brambles have grown wild over the ruins of Dunhelm Castle. Many believed that the thorns were a sign that the castle was cursed, so none dared to trespass, and the secrets that they protected and concealed have remained hidden—until now…

Armed with a pair of gardening shears, Baird Beauforte is determined to clear away the brambles that hinder the development of his resort, and he won't let local superstition deter him. Dunhelm Castle is supposed to be the latest jewel in the Beauforte Resort chain, but the renovations can't be finished if the workmen are frightened of a so-called curse. To dispel any lingering fears, Baird decides to vanquish the briars himself. What he never expects is to find a mysterious slumbering beauty…

Aurelia is like no one he has ever met before. Upon awakening, she demands to know his identity and why he is in her father's castle! Bemused by her claim of being a king's daughter, he is certain he has never met this "princess" before, although something about her rouses a haunting sense of familiarity. Soon, dreams plague this by-the-book businessman…dreams that feel more like memories. And Baird begins to wonder if he can claim his heart's princess—now and forever—with a kiss.

February 12
Deborah A. Cooke
Deborah A. Cooke

Customer Reviews

luzida117 ,

Love lost in time

The Prophecy has come true!!!
Aurelia wants to help her father in the war against Bard, son of Erc. However the curse has become true.
Baird Beauforte wants to build a resort in Dunhelm Castle. While cutting brambles he finds a tomb. This is a tale of sleeping beauty in modern times. Love knows no time!!!
“Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review”

SisterJD ,


Once Upon a Kiss is a delightful read. It was the perfect mix of present and past. The characters were both realistic and whimsical. I want to read more.
*Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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