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From the beloved creator of the "Once Upon a Potty" classics, comes this new Joshua story of maternal love ~ Joshua is looking for his warm, loving, unique mother. Where did she go? Different animals introduce themselves and yes, they are mothers, but they are not Joshua's mother ~ a beautiful, timeless picturebook for all ages, brought to you by child matters media. This original iBooks Author design includes all original art and focuses on the story itself, without any distracting narration voice over or other "gimmicks": pure and affecting.

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May 14
Child matters media
child matters
Grades P-17

Customer Reviews

billborg ,

Another in a Great Series

This is the 4th "Once Upon a…" book I downloaded for my grandsons. Like the books that preceded it, they love it. But they each love it for different reasons. They are twins, but clearly individual. One loves the artwork and wants to go back and forth in the book when I read it on the iPad for him. The other loves the story's repetition and speaks along. He loves the idea of all of the animals having mothers like he does. When I read it to one or both they will want it to be their turn to do what they like. "Go back to the monkey." No keep going I want to read along" It turns in to a "dialog" between them that goes like this. "Mine", "No Mine." And I help them learn to take turns. But they do love it. Kids. What can I say to a pair of 4 year olds? "Want to read it again?" Answer is always "Yeah!" I highly recommend this as a great addition to all of Alona Frankel's stories for children.

cameral hermit ,

unique, special..

another instant Joshua & Prudence classic! Thank you, Alona!!

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