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Beaches, boyfriends and danger…summer is certainly hot! Grab a hold tight as these eight authors wow you with stories from sweet to sizzling! After all, every day can have some summer fun!

Breaking Girl Code by Brooke Moss

Aubrey is having the perfect evening out, with the perfect guy, on a perfect summer night. The problem is… Preston's not her date. His real date is her B.F.F., and she's passed out in the backseat.

Wishing on Water by Liz Ashlee

After watching everyone's else's lives hit huge milestones, all Hope wants is to escape to her boring, unchanging, single life. So, where's the one logical place to escape to? A retirement home.

Art with a Pulse by Clara Winter

Alice spends her days painting beachy watercolors of her beautiful hometown of Laguna Beach, California, where inspiration abounds. A wounded seal brings sexy, successful Elijah Brewer into her life to spice up her nights. Alice, living in the aftershocks of bad relationships, can't trust that Elijah is the real deal. Will Alice be able to move past her general distrust of all men, in order to give Elijah, the chance he deserves?

A Natural Passion by Tammy Mannersly

Marine biologist, Dylan O'Day, wonders whether new intern, Kyra Shine, might be his perfect match. However, he's a decade older than her, supposed to be her mentor and there's a younger guy already on her radar. Though his morals insist he keep their relationship platonic, when illegal poachers threaten the aquatic ecosystem they love and protect, both are drawn closer as they discover more than just their own hearts' desires.

You Had Me at Aloha by Sarah Vance Tompkins

When social media guru Vivienne Parker loses her job, her best friends send her on a dream trip to Hawaii. But when she's discovers her roommate in the luxurious surf shack on the beach is the hot Olympic athlete who got her fired, Vivienne isn't so sure she's in paradise. Except the frustratingly sexy man is even more charming in real life than he is on Instagram...

More Than Puppy Love by Kitsy Clare

Can this city girl and country guy ever see eye-to-eye?

Arianna Jordan is a lifelong city girl. David Jensen is a country guy. When they meet at his auto body shop after she's in a fender bender on her way to the Poconos, their connection is fiery and immediate. Both have beagles and big dreams of business startups. Yet Arianna can't see living in the Pocono woods, and Dave doubts he could thrive in Philadelphia. When Arianna learns Dave's assistant, Bobby is his son, and she suspects Dave's a married cheater, all bets are off. Or are they?

Stealing Haven by Mark Love

Jamie's vacation in the resort town of South Haven takes an unexpected turn when she catches the eye of a handsome man. While the sparks fly, the curious redhead is also drawn to a series of home invasions. Will the romance distract her from solving the mystery?

Harmony in the Key of Murder by Melissa Kay Clarke

Harmony Tailor misses her beach in California. However, being stuck in Mississippi during summer break isn't too bad. She gets to tinker with mechanical items in her uncle's antique shop, finding out how they work and repairing them.

Investigator, Hunter Masterson has a murderer on his hands. While following a lead, he crosses paths with a stunning, yet awkward engineering wizard. As the mystery deepens so does Hunter's feelings for Harmony. When danger comes to call, will Hunter be able to save her even if it means losing his heart.

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September 25
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