Once Upon a Time

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*READER NOTE: Please be aware that these three short stories are explicit in sexual content. Basically good old fashioned smut. They are twisted fairytales but are NOT Dark Erotic in nature. If you're looking for a sweet, traditional romance this probably isn't for you.


Low on money and needing to help her ill sister, Belle joins an elite escort service. Although being with strange men sexually is not something she would have ever thought she'd be doing, Belle is desperate.

Her first night on the job lands her in the home of elusive businessman Jackson "The Beast" Brass. He's a man she has lusted after quietly for the last year, but she knows they could have never been together in more than a professional way. But tonight anything goes.

Although still one of the wealthiest men in the country, Jackson now isolates himself due to being badly scarred from an automobile accident. He knows who Belle is, and has wanted her for longer than he cares to admit. He just hopes she's ready to experience the darker side of pleasure, because tonight Jackson will give her more than she can handle.


He's been watching her. She just doesn't realize it.

After passing out at a frat party, Aurora wakes to find herself in a strange bedroom. Frightened at what happened to her, she realizes she isn't alone, but in the apartment of her chemistry professor, a man that frightens and arouses her.

Grey Dawson has had his eye on Aurora for the last several months. Some would say he was obsessed, but Grey knew what he felt. They were true and real emotions, and Aurora needed to realize that she felt them, too. He watches her, knows her schedule, and when their eyes lock he knows she has to feel the same way that he does. Grey will not stop until he possesses her completely.


After leaving a costume party, Red gets lost and finds herself deep within the woods that surround her town. With her fear of not knowing where she is comes the realization that she is being stalked. The harder and faster she runs, the more she feels like the prey to a very deadly predator.

And then she is caught, and she has nowhere to hide. The man that comes out of the darkness is naked, massive in form, and seems feral. He is solely focused on her, yet he doesn't touch her. The way he watches Red, inhales her scent like he is trying to imprint her into his body, makes her feel shockingly aroused.

He doesn't seem to want to hurt her, but to mate with her, like a beast in the wild claiming his woman. Red should be fighting for her life to escape, not submitting to a man that has these kinds of sexual needs moving through her like a violent animal.

Fiction & Literature
October 19
Jenika Snow
Draft2Digital, LLC

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BodaciousOne ,

Twist on Fairytales

These are erotic hot tales, but good ones. Short, hot and fun to read. Ms. Snow writes these tales without apologies, so hang on for a spicy ride.

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