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One Golden Rule does not start out with once upon a time, One Golden Rule in its entirety, is truth for today!

The tool of instincts, is utilized in a simple childlike phrase of,
If it feels bad in your heart,
Then it's time to part!

I firmly and absolutely believe that the survival instinct is a very powerful tool, and countless bad situations and tragedies can be avoided by acknowledging as well as teaching children to acknowledge,
Their inner voice or instincts, by teaching them.
If it feels bad in your heart,
Then it's time to part!

Also at the beginning of One Golden Rule, I use the phrase of.
We live in a world that's both good and bad, the good things are happy the bad things are sad.
I believe that this phrase offers opportunity to open up dialogue about the bad things of this world.
I also believe that if we don't afford children the truth about the bad things of this world from a trusted adult, then somebody else will and in all probability could be a lie!

The artwork for One Golden Rule (was drawn by children) and credited to each child.
Upon completion of One Golden Rule,
I was astonished at the tremendous amount of messages in the children's drawings,
Children relate to children!
On page 10 and 11 I use the phrase of, children have the right to say yes or no! And if a stranger seems bad then it is time to go.
Not only do I believe that this is very important for each and every child to know and understand, I feel it is very important for each and every child's integrity, dignity, self-respect, and above all their safety!, to know and understand that they have this right!

I believe there is value on every page of One Golden Rule and also in the many messages in each child's drawing!

March 2
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