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Turtle hides while Alligator lashes out. What insecurities are they dealing with, and what lessons can Turtle and Alligator learn in order to face and conquer their fears?

In this inspiring story about a shy turtle and a frightening alligator, the complex issue of bullying is addressed in an easy-to-understand manner for kids and adults alike. As bullying becomes more prevalent in today’s world, One Good Turtle empowers every parent, teacher, counselor, and child to practice kindness through its memorable cast of characters and uplifting message. 

One Good Turtle is a heroic tale about overcoming the struggles of being bullied and discovering what makes you uniquely special. 

From the Author:

One Good Turtle all started with a sketch on a slip of paper and an idea. After the initial sketch, my team and I developed the idea over the course of a few months, and then started working in earnest developing the concept into a children's book. That was nearly two years ago! You'd be surprised by how difficult it is to write a children's book.

The reason we didn't give up during the process of creating One Good Turtle is because the message behind the book is so powerfulOne Good Turtle is a story centered around the struggle between Turtle, our protagonist and hero, and Alligator, the antagonist and bully. This inspiring story about a shy turtle and a frightening alligator highlights the complex issue of bullying. It's definitely not two dimensional, instead addressing the many different types of bullying, why bullying exists, how to stop being bullied, and more.

The message of One Good Turtle is universal. I've written the story to appeal to all ages, races, nationalities, and religions. This story of personal growth, defying the odds, and forgiveness sends a message of hope to all those who have been bullied or been a bully themselves. One Good Turtle is a guide for parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, and anyone else who wants to start a conversation about bullying in their neighborhood, and what we can collectively do together to help solve this problem.

I hope you enjoy the story of the book, and the message underlying it, and that One Good Turtle has a positive impact on you and the loved ones you'll read the book too. Thank you.

July 23
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