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One hundred poems, one poem written a day, a simple concept to follow through. In more ways than just one it is almost like writing a diary. Something happens in the world at large and I cannot help but to write something down as a response, and at other times it is just life in its all mundanity. A poet’s way of distilling a single day into a few lines to be remembered through aeons. A lot has happened and most of it already feels like something a life time ago. Thus without further adieu, I present you these one hundred poems.

The sound of loneliness
An oppressive country
Avoiding a thing…
Cowardice of Scottish newspapers
Golden Showers

'Hate speech'
Final Fantasy XV
Back to work…
Moment of pessimism…

'Two European Leaders'
The day many have dreaded…
How did that song go again?

Gender Marxists
Despicable behaviour
White river
Reform or revolution
Generic villain species (For a science fiction novel)

Suspended from Twitter
Election promises
'He will not divide us'
Sleep rhythm
Pretence of love and fake news

Berkeley riot
Salt of the internet
Just thoughts of today…

Bleeding-heart liberal
Soul-selling conservative
Where are the jokes?
Eiffel Wall
Sweden's Feminist Government

'Dear White People'
Politics in comics done right?
Lego Batman
Thy name comes from hypocrisy

A meaningless word in ten years
It begins anew…
Trump 2020
300 Russian hackers? To sort emails? REALLY?
Trenches of a culture war

So much for that peace
Nothing but fake news
Future Filtered
A thing about free speech
John Wick: Chapter 2

I'm sexy
A poem about online polls
Lone wanderer
Trump's “thin skin”
European union silences any dissent

The age of walls
A touch of madness (For a science fiction novel)
Two five year old friends
Half a moon

Those men of ill intends
After a snowfall
Yet another '#' about women in the west…
How could you not love humanity?

And a novel draws to a close…
Power of repetition
On a distant world (For a science fiction novel)
Dutch Election Results

The radical left and garbage bins
Faces of Andromeda
That topic that escapes me mind
Cover songs
Go ahead, make my day…

Some tears of joy
The world that wasn't
Art is not fit to stand among STEM fields
Almost done…
With headlines like these

Iron Fist and its reviews
Old media's war on the new
Summertime madness
Brexit Day
Speech at the wall (For a fantasy novel)

A society of ropes and canes
So tired
Ghost in the Shell
The last multicultural empire of old Europe

Winter is dead, so long live the spring
The horrors of Syria
I spat on the back of a flying seagull
About recent events in Sweden

No need for broadcasting licenses
Life is strange (For a science fiction novel)
Loneliness is bad for the economy

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May 1
Tuomas Vainio
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