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Roughly seven hundred days ago I decided to write one poem per day until I would have one thousand poems in total. This is the seventh volume of ten, and the poems inside this one lean heavily towards the final dash of the 2016’s presidential race and the regrettable amount of terrorism that exist today. The content is not entirely sour and dry, I had few laughs here and there, and some thoughts on far more pleasant things. So give it read, pick a poem in random, it is free!

The following poems are included:
The next hundred days
Partisan Tech Giants
An independence day
#Shufflegate Exposed

Distance breeds naivety
New mats
Why 'the people' despise mass immigration
The sky is falling, the sky is falling, very slowly
'Anti-harassment' terms of service

A discussion between two 'feminists'
Butt pizza?
Then and now
Those who despise democracy
Here lies the question…

The Cycle of Yikes
Same news on repeat
Cultures equal?
Crooked enough to steal tweets
An ode to a songstress

A cycle with an exponential growth
Whistler of Nottinghamshire
Colonel's Betrayal
Again… and again…
Pokemon Go

Turkey's Military Coup
Technically true…
Response to that boy who is ever so sorry
Over Hundred Naked for Trump
#FreeNero #FreeMilo #FreeMiloNow

A new home?
Shakiness of human existence
'Meme Terrorists'
Journalistic Collusion
Point of no return

Fields of Summer
Take it or leave it darling
Merkel's Madness
Lament of a Species (For a science fiction novel)
A response to Khizr Khan's DNC speech

Nietzsche whined for nothing
Gravity Rush
Life keeps on moving
Home Sweet Home

Success and Sacrifice
It is little bit funny
'Black Lives Matter International'
A tale of two fruit cakes
This game sucks…

Those 'Social Justice' Goons
The joy of exploration
Europe's Immigrant Crisis
Wheels of German Bureaucracy

Passing of Summer
Black Olives Matter?
A victim of hype
Sickly Leader
Cry of Cicadas

Hugo Awards 2016
Before a boxing a match
A Pickle Jar
2016 Pokemon World Championships

“Hillary's #AltRight”
A windy day
The blight of being a centrist
'Crash Override Network' is a CON

Fears of being labelled a racist
A man's smile
My name is Hugh Mungus and I drive Lyft
Something new…

No idea today…
'White Genocide'
Give me a break…
Apple Lemonade…
Kubo and the Two Strings

It is just a smile
It is still just a date
A maid's promise to Surtur (For a fantasy novel)
/pol/ is always right…
Memes of production

Full moon (For a fantasy or horror novel)
Blindness to reality…
Antimachus of Teos
When a bomb is not a bomb
Neo-nazis in my country!

Poisoned candies in a bowl, would you eat them?
To write a poem about Hillary
YouTube Heroes
Ninety-four (For science fiction novel)
Saturday anti-racist protests…

And here we have another day of terror
A response
Je Suis Pepe
Seven of Hundred (For a fantasy novel)

Fiction & Literature
October 1
Tuomas Vainio
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