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Sinclair Breckenridge is my husband. We’re up and coming leaders to The Fellowship and parents to be. But my new life doesn’t come easily. Not when long buried secrets––and far more than I bargained for––finally reveal my mother’s killer.

Sin vows to do anything to keep our little ones and me safe, even if his promise means denying me of the one thing I want most in this world. He doesn’t understand it’s the death of my dream. And that’s a problem.

March 23
Georgia Cates Books, LLC
Georgia Cates Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

AmyMae813 ,

Where's the book?!

Had to buy and read on my kindle, thanks iBooks!
That being said it was a great way to wrap up the story!

Annmric8 ,

The a Fellowships new leader and future leaders.

Bleu and Sin's story continues. Many times what happens in a third story is the build up and anticipation is gone. Bleu and Sin are married and expecting twins. The story is complacent with very little excitement.The beginning was promising. I had hoped the kidnapping would lead to darker events. That was over quickly and the happiness and changes began. The new roles were in place and The Fellowship business presumed. I realize upon further reading that this series could have been summarized into one story. Many distractions and layers were added to this story as fillers. I'm not even sure what the purpose or conclusion of this final sin is.

I like the hope that Georgia plants in my mind that love is out their. That men are capable of wanting a family, one woman and having an understanding man who wants to share each and every milestone of the pregnancy. Georgia uses great words to live by. Good advice given. The problem with this story is the lack of seduction. The words are not drawing me in. My mind drifts away instead of pulling me in. The story is fizzling and lacks pizzazz. The pregnancy milestones are overkill. I don't need a weekly update on the pregnancy and everyday chores of their livelihood. The compliments are extreme measures to please Bleu are grating on my nerves.

Each chapter in the story is one more day of paradise for the happy couple. Nothing stands in the way of this fearless leader.
Sin has become peacemaker and matchmaker. Bleu is making changes in the roles of the women in The Fellowship.
The story did not move in the direction I had hoped. The Fellowship business undergoing changes is not something I care to read about. The day to day rules and obligations of a leader are blasé and quite mundane.

Extermin8tet ,

One Last Sin

Love this book, just wish it would have gone a little further with Lorna and Ellison love lives . I wanted to know if they got there there guys too and there happy ever after😔😔

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