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A guilt-driven firefighter, a widowed mother, neither is ready for love, but love has other plans.

Firefighter Lucas Bennett had the carefree life he’d always wanted until a deadly blaze took the life of his company mate and best friend. Blaming himself was easy but pulling himself from the tailspin of guilt proved to be much harder. The fog of sadness and guilt pushed him down a dangerous path until he nearly died fighting the beast. Forced to stop and reevaluate his life, he decided to make a change before it was too late.

A fire took almost everything from Sarah Robinson—her husband and her home—leaving her to raise their precious daughter alone. Everywhere she looked held memories of her husband, pouring salt on her ever-present wound. Unable to live any longer around the memories of her husband, she and her daughter moved to Oak Grove, far away from the grief of the past. All Sarah needed was the chance to start a new life for her and her daughter. 

A car accident on a dark, rainy night put Lucas and Sarah on a collision course neither of them expected… with questions they’re not ready to answer. Can a single mother open her broken heart for a second chance at love? Will a broken firefighter risk his heart for what might be his only chance at forever? Are each of them willing to take one last risk to be together? His risk. Her reward. Together, they’ll mend each other's broken hearts.

If you like small-town romance where the heroes are sexy and the women are strong, unlock One Last Risk to start your visit to Oak Grove, Pennsylvania and fall in love with Lucas and Sarah!

April 18
Anderby Lane Publishing
Nancy Stopper

Customer Reviews

straighttalker198 ,


Another stone on the beach. Nothing special

singneon ,

Great series starter...Love is worth the risk

Lucas and Sarah are emotionally raw from the loss of loved ones. Sarah finds comfort in her memories and her precious daughter. These two meet by chance and are drawn to one another immediately, Sarah is blubbering mess and he's very interested, lol. As they ease into a relationship, they have the chemistry, their path is very interesting and a little curvy but Lucas tenacity is what keeps this cookie from crumbling. Sarah has got to decide for herself if this love is worth the risk or will she continue to run and hide from the gift of life.

PS. This is not a cliffhanger but I would really like to know what is going on with Lucas sister Rachel, it seems serious.

twhitehead24 ,

Risking it all!

How do you begin a review on a book that has you laughing, crying, cheering, wondering, and droves of other emotions? I had the privilege of getting a chance to read an advance copy of “One Last Risk” from Ms. Stopper - thank you. Sarah has lost her husband in a fire. She moved with their daughter Lily to start anew. Lucas lost his best friend in a fire and suffers from survivor’s guilt and blames himself. In a chance meeting in a coffee shop, sparks fly immediately. Lucas is holding something back from Sarah and their relationship escalates before he has a chance to tell her. Is the truth going to get Lucas set free or will Sarah deal with the truth? Loved Lucas’ and Sarah’s story! There were many other characters introduced that will make for interesting stories. Nice, fast-paced read that will leave you ending with a sigh looking for the next book in the series.

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