One More Shameless Night

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Warning: This book is one fast and furious, danger-laced, HOT as hell Happily Ever After. Come along with Harley and Clay for One More Shameless night.

Clay Hart may not work for the FBI anymore, but he has all the shady connections he needs to make sure no one f*&ks with his family. He’ll be keeping a close eye on his wife, son, and newborn baby to make sure their trip to visit Harley’s sister goes off without a hitch. 

It’s been a year since the party that almost ended Harley’s life, but when her sister offers to babysit so that she and Clay can attend a Midsummer soiree, Harley jumps at the chance. What better way to put dark memories behind her than with a steamy date night with her hot as hell husband?

 But old enemies are lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the Hart family to drop their guard.

Will Harley and Clay live to see the midsummer sun rise? Or will their first date night after the birth of their second child be their last?

Alert: One More Shameless Night is the final book in the Kidnapped by the Billionaire series.

March 4
Everly Stone
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

PaulaWhite ,

4th book

I thought there should have been another book with the conclusion of Mallory. I felt like it was missing the ending. But I loved all the books in the series. Thanks so much

NajahIman ,

Great ending

I'm so happy we got this little gem of a story to give us just a bit more from the couple we love! More sex, action and everything we loved about the series. She is an excellent writer and continues this story seamlessly. Often times once you get to a fourth book in the series, you start to loose some of the quality of the first books. Not here. Each book continuously gets better. I'll read anything she writes.
five steamy stars!

coffeegoddesstmk ,

The Perfect Ending To This Story

She knew that behind the seemingly peaceful life she and Clay had built, something big and bad lurked in the shadows, threatening everything she held dear...

Life is looking up, and everything is back to normal for Clay Hart and his wife, Harley. On their way to vacation with Harley's sister, Hannah, and her husband, Jackson, things couldn't be better. Normalcy, though, is hard to come by, especially when you've lived a life of danger and intrigue, and Clay and Harley quickly find that some ghosts from the past are harder to overcome than others.

I absolutely love the Dirty Twisted Love series by author Lili Valente. These characters are anything but average, and the lives that they lead, well, let's just say that they're adventurous. Allies, enemies, best friends, siblings, all of that's going on here. So, when given the chance to see how things were shaping up after the HEA of the earlier books, I could have been happier.

Things may have settled down a bit for both the happy couples, but when the past rears its ugly head, it will take every bit of the cunning and strength that they possess to make sure that their worlds are safe. I love the dynamic between Clay and Harley, and it's nice to see the friendship between Jackson and Clay on the mend. There is no shortage, thank goodness, of the heat and sassiness that we've come to expect, and the obvious devotion of both Clay and Jackson to their women is absolutely swoon-worthy. 5+ passionate, alpha-filled, tropical paradise, now, that's an ending stars for this one. Thanks, Lili, for listening to us, and giving us the ending we asked for!

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