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When the stylists told her they would make her hot, Kira didn’t believe they meant literally. She never dreamed that at the end of the free makeover, a stranger would toss the torch that would burn away her former self. To her horror, she would find more changed than her hair color. For Kira, life would never be the same.

40,000 words
Heat level: sweet

Humans feared the power of the elementals, so they locked them away. In the process they altered the balance of nature…

800 years later, the elements have awakened. Maddened by centuries of imprisonment, these powerful beings crave vengeance. Three unsuspecting women will have to soothe the savage forces before it’s too late.

One will find rebirth in the flames that take her life.

One Night To Burn

One will meld with the sea that seeks to claim her.

When the Sea Burned

One will find a love that shakes the earth itself
Scorched Earth

Fire, Stone and Water Series

October 25
Autumn Dawn
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

mrr 11 ,

Wish I could give it zero...

Sigh. I'm a huge Autumn Dawn fan, or I was. I live in a small Southern town that is made up primarily of mixed race couples, so I don't appreciate the continual references to Southern ignorance and intolerance for mixed race couples....which, btw, happens in the North also. The author took the cheap, cliched road and delivered more than a little sloppy writing because of it. Also, the hero wasn't even of African descent....he was a fire elemental, so I wonder if the implication that he was "black" by ethnicity standards would be offensive to someone of actual African American descent? Maybe someone will weigh in for me on this!

Ms. Dawn phoned this one in big time. The world development was fairly strong and had some promise, but the plot was tired, overdone, cliched, etc. Having read the rest of her books outside of this series, I am grossly disappointed and won't be picking up the next one.

Honestly, it read like a cheap, poorly done remake of M. Hall's Kingdom series...just sayin'. The parallels are astounding.

She would've done better to develop a sequal to Women, Whiskey, & Gold which represents the potential level of unique and compelling writing at which this story should've been written but wasn't.

CMFW aka Connie ,

Do Not Spend Your Money - stupid

I normally like her books but after this I will never spend a dime.

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